Valve to release Steam Deck OLED on November 16

Valve to release Steam Deck OLED on November 16

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The new 512GB and 1TB units will set back consumers $549.00 and $649.00

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Valve has unveiled the Steam Deck OLED console, which will be shipping on November 16.

The handheld’s 7.4-inch display will feature brighter colors and be roughly 5% lighter than the base model.

Valve also said that Steam Deck OLED has 30 to 50% more battery life when compared to the original console. Additionally, it will provide faster game downloads due to its Wifi 6E capability.

A comparison chart of the Steam Deck models

The new portable will have 1TB and 512GB models, which will save consumers $549.00 and $649.00, respectively.

A limited edition of the Steam Deck OLED will be available for pre-order in the US and Canada.

Additionally, Valve announced that it will be phasing out its 64GB and 512GB Steam Deck LCD consoles. They will be available for purchase until they are sold out of stock.

The news comes months after Valve said a Steam Deck 2 may not launch until 2025 and beyond.

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