Trey Songz rocks Sunscape

Trey Songz rocks Sunscape

While opportunities to see international performers locally in person are few and far between, local promoter Nino Adair is making a name for himself as the true connect.

Sunscape All White Brunch is the latest party series to be added to the young entrepreneurship’s roster. Sunday’s event, which was headlined by R&B heavyweight Trey Songz, and which promised intimacy and luxury, landed somewhere in the region, but not quite on the mark.

With an all-white dress code, patrons seemed to respect the colour, but were cavalier with their idea of brunch wear. Though off to a very late start, patrons didn’t seem to mind as the majority of the crowd only started strolling in at 5 p.m. for the scheduled 2 p.m. event.

Delivering on the brunch side of things, Sunscape had seven different establishments serving food. Though one wouldn’t ordinarily equate chain restaurants and fast food with luxury, hot meals were available up until the slated end time for the show.

When asked about the late start, Adair told THE STAR, “We did expect this because you Jamaicans ago always wait till the sun go down.”

Capping the night with what one audience member said is the only reason she travelled so far, Trey Songz emerged in a white button-down outfit. While his set was only 20 minutes long, he delivered hits like Bottoms Up, Dive In, Say Aah and Neighbors Know My Name.

Short of climbing onto the stage to grab him, there is nothing the women in the audience could do further to share their excitement. While not very long, his set was vocally taxing, shifting rapidly through the many octaves in his discography.

But nearly just as swiftly as he came on, he disappeared, returning control of the party atmosphere to Brush1 the Road Marshall and his partner in crime DJ Franco. Speaking on the continuation of this new venture, Adair said Sunscape will now join the likes of Sandz as a Jamaican staple.

“Every year you can stay tuned for the next date in Jamaica. You done know, it a keep again in Florida next year on Memorial Weekend. But next year in Jamaica, we nuh pick out the date yet, but a next international artiste will be here next time again,” he promised.

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