Joey Bada$$ Launches Free Mentorship Program To Empower Men Of Color

Joey Bada$$ Launches Free Mentorship Program To Empower Men Of Color

Actor and rapper Joey Bada$$ has announced a free mentorship program to support the “growth” and “professional development” of his fellow men of color.

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Joey Bada$$ Announced The Mentorship Program Earlier This Week

On Tuesday, the 28-year-old rapper took to Instagram to share a photo of himself along with additional images of a flyer. The first flyer featured the words “Mentor…Joey Badass,” while the second followed up with additional headlines.




The final photo in the slide featured the words, “1 HOUR… PER MONTH… FOR A YEAR.”

In the post’s caption, the rapper explained the initiative further and detailed his excitement.

“I’m excited to announce that I’ve been silently working on a free mentorship program for men of color in the US & Puerto Rico called @impactmentorship . Inspired by my friend @sophchangnyc & @unlockherpotential I recruited an impressive network of incredible mentors in the areas of ART, CULINARY, FASHION, FILM/TV, MEDIA MUSIC, and SPORTS.”

As the caption continued, Bada$$ explained that he would partake in the program as a mentor. Additionally, he shared that he will also “be announcing new mentors every day until applications open” on October 15.

“Starting with myself, I will be announcing new mentors everyday until applications open on the 15th… Applications open at noon on Sunday October 15th and close noon sunday October 29th. You can see more about the program at…”

Before the 28-year-old concluded the announcement, he included additional information to help interested applicants.

“Due to the high profile of our mentors we anticipate significant demand for the program. To increase your chances of matching with your chosen mentor, we strongly encourage all applicants to carefully research the program and mentors, prepare your application in advance and submit early. Good luck!”

Check out the rapper’s Instagram post below!

More Details Regarding The Free Program

Impact Mentorship’s official website states the program was “founded by Joey Bada$$.” Additionally, the program aims to provide “free mentorship for men of color 18 years and older in the US,” also including Puerto Rico.

The website notes explicitly that Black men are “under-resourced and thus underrepresented in leadership roles.” Additionally, the program notes that Impact Mentorship strives to provide participants “a path to professional and financial independence.”

Additionally, the mentorship program aims to equip men with “career guidance” and “confidence… by sharing expertise, experience, wisdom, insights, guidance, and constructive criticism.”

Impact Mentorship will reportedly offer chosen applicants a monthly one-hour session with a mentee’s chosen mentor for a year. The mentors will range from the fields of art, culinary, fashion, media, music, and more.

In addition to Bada$$, the mentors revealed thus far include motivational speaker 19 Keys, fashion designer Tremaine Emory, and Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics.

As previously mentioned, applications will open on Sunday, October 15, and close on Sunday, October 12. To apply and read more about Impact Mentorship, visit the program’s application guide.

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