Historic Jeddah Witnesses over 900 Tourists from Cruise Ships

Historic Jeddah Witnesses over 900 Tourists from Cruise Ships

This week, over 900 tourists from Saudi cruise ships visited Al-Balad in historic Jeddah, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This visit, a collaboration between the Historic Jeddah program and Saudi Cruises, let tourists explore the area’s natural, cultural, and heritage attractions.

The initiative highlights the rich heritage and history of the area, showcasing the Kingdom’s unique culture and natural beauty.

Tour Highlights

The visitors toured old Jeddah, exploring its historic buildings, corridors, and alleys.

They discovered ancient architecture, traditional designs, wooden Rawasheen windows, and historical mosques. Their tour included bustling markets and narrow streets renowned for handicrafts, spices, and textiles, as well as heritage museums.

They viewed historical photographs and maps of Jeddah, learning about its civilization and history.

Importance of Tourism Collaboration

These visits highlight the significance of tourism collaboration between Saudi Arabia’s tourist regions and initiatives like the Saudi Cruise project. Funded by the Saudi Investment Fund, this project bolsters the maritime tourism sector.

Additionally, the partnership between the Al-Balad program and these projects enriches visitors’ experiences. This synergy is instrumental in the swift expansion of the Kingdom’s tourism industry.

Focusing on Saudi Cruises’ Strategic Goals

Saudi Cruises emphasizes that this alliance is pivotal for achieving its strategic objectives. These goals include attracting 1.3 million cruise ship visitors by 2035 and generating 50,000 jobs, both direct and indirect, in the maritime tourism industry. This aligns with Vision 2030’s aspirations.

Vision 2030 is ambitious, seeking to elevate the tourism sector’s contribution to 10% of the Kingdom’s GDP and draw 100 million visitors yearly.

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