FedEx is building its own all-in-one ecommerce platform

FedEx is building its own all-in-one ecommerce platform

Cheyenne MacDonald

FedEx is planning to launch an ecommerce platform called “fdx” later this year. The shipping company announced the move on Sunday, describing fdx as an end-to-end online shopping hub that aims to provide sellers with solutions for everything from reaching potential customers to order fulfillment and returns. Sounds… familiar. FedEx says it’s targeting fall 2024 for the official launch.

The details are so far pretty scant, but fdx is being billed as a “data-driven” platform that will use FedEx’s insights to optimize basically every part of the buying and selling process. From the get-go, sellers on fdx will have access to the existing network of customers on the ecommerce site ShopRunner, which FedEx owns, and customers will be able to see delivery estimates on products as they browse and add things to their carts, even before checkout. Sellers will be provided carbon emissions reports relating to their supply chain decisions, optimal shipping routes and more.

FedEx is calling fdx a “first-of-its-kind” platform, which sure seems like a stretch, but we’ll find out soon enough if it really has something uniquely enticing to offer. It’ll need to if FedEx wants to woo people out of Amazon’s chokehold.

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