After Debut Win, New Colorado Buffaloes Coach Deion Sanders Discusses Rebuilding the Team

After Debut Win, New Colorado Buffaloes Coach Deion Sanders Discusses Rebuilding the Team

New University of Colorado head coach Deion Sanders gave thanks to Jesus Christ after his team, the Colorado Buffaloes, defeated the TCU Horned Frogs 45-42 in their debut game of the season.

“Thank you, Jesus. I’m so thankful right now,” Sanders, a Super Bowl winner and NFL Hall of Famer, said in a post-interview with Fox Sports.

“This is a blessing. Everybody, Buff Nation who supported us and all the hood that had my back. I thank y’all. God this is good,” he continued.

As reported by The Christian Post, Saturday’s game was the first for the Horned Frogs since making their College Football Playoff National Championship game appearance earlier this year. Meanwhile, the Colorado Buffaloes had only won one game last season and had not previously scored a top 20 win since 2002.

During the interview, Sanders noted that multiple sports journalists questioned his decision to bring in 86 players to reform the team after he was fired as head coach.

Sanders also pointed out that he was asked as to why his son, Shedeur Sanders, was given the starting quarterback position after transferring from the historically black Jackson State University.

“Shedeur Sanders? From the HBCU?” he asked one journalist. “The one that played at Jackson last year? The one that you asked me why I’d give him the starting job? Wasn’t that you?”

“You were supposed to be on the other side interviewing them [TCU]. Now what?” Sanders asked. “We had some guys that singled themselves out with their play — a lot of guys you doubted, one of them from an HBCU. I think he had 510 yards passing in a Power 5 football game and he happens to be my son.”

Additionally, the hall of famer made reference to this “other son,” wide receiver Travis Hunter, who also transferred from Jackson State University and helped his team in their win over TCU.

“I tried to tell you, but you ain’t wanna believe me because I’m just a lofty young coach,” Sanders said. “I don’t know nothing about football. I just played in the NFL for 14 (years), played at a high level in college for four and have been coaching youth all the way up for a long time.”

He added that he wasn’t thrown off by people who doubted him and his team since he knew that would be questioned constantly.

“We’re going to continuously be questioned because we do things that have never been done … and that makes people uncomfortable,” Sanders said. “When you sit up here and see a confident Black man talking his talk, walking his walk, and coaching 75 percent African Americans in the locker room, that’s kinda threatening. We’re going to consistently do what we do. I’m here and I ain’t going nowhere.”

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