Yung Bleu Releases Statement After Being Arrested For Family Violence Battery: ‘I Cherish Women And I’m Completely Innocent’

Yung Bleu Releases Statement After Being Arrested For Family Violence Battery: ‘I Cherish Women And I’m Completely Innocent’

Yung Bleu released a statement proclaiming his innocence after being arrested for family violence battery. According to TMZ, the incident involving the artist and his subsequent arrest occurred on Sunday, October 15.

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More Details Regarding The Alleged Initial Incident

According to information obtained by the Hall County Sheriff’s Office via TMZ, officers responded to a call from an unidentified woman on October 15. Once they arrived at the woman’s residence, she informed them that Yung Bleu, whose real name is Jeremy Biddle, had arrived at her home unannounced.

Additionally, the woman alleged that the artist attempted to leave the residence with a 10-year-old child.

The woman told authorities that an argument unfolded between her and the artist. Then, Yung Bleu allegedly “picked her up” and “threw her to the ground.” This allegedly injured the woman’s “right arm and hip.”

From there, the woman told authorities that Yung Bleu left the residence with the child. However, he returned “shortly after” and allegedly “left again.”

According to TMZ, an EMS crew reportedly evaluated the woman for her injuries. However, she refused to be transported to a hospital.

More Details Regarding Yung Bleu’s Arrest & Charge

TMZ adds that Yung Bleu reportedly “agreed to meet with deputies in person” following the alleged incident. The 29-year-old was reportedly arrested for misdemeanor battery and booked into the Hall County Jail around 2:30 a.m.

According to the outlet, the “You’re Mines Still” artist was released from jail “a few days later” after posting $2,400 bail.

Hall County booking records obtained by The Shade Room Thursday evening show that Yung Bleu has been charged with a “battery family violence act.” According to Peach State Lawyers, family violence battery is “the identical charge of battery” in Georgia. However, it also implies that the “alleged victim in the case has some sort of familial connection to the accused.”

Peach State Lawyers also adds that in order for an incident to constitute family violence battery, it must involve “spouses or former spouses, individuals who have a child together, parents and children,” or similar relationships.

Furthermore, the booking record confirms that the artist was arrested on October 15.

As of Friday, October 20, Yung Bleu’s booking record appears to have been removed from the Hall County bookings website.

Yung Bleu’s Recently Released Statement

Yung Bleu seemingly took to Instagram Thursday evening to share a now-deleted statement regarding reports of his arrest. The 29-year-old seemed to declare the reports as “fake news” and “slander.”

“…I’m About to turn in this last album before I 100% own all my music catalogue. ..  Just built my own 2 million dollar facility & started my own recording… So y’all no the storm coming . the FAKE NEWS, the slander…”

The “Beautiful Lies” artist continued by explaining that he’s “off this internet thing.” However, he wants his fans to know that he “cherish[es] women” and he’s “completely innocent.”

Read his full statement below.

As of Thursday, some outlets have speculated that the alleged incident involved his wife and the mother of two of his younger children, Tiemeria. However, we must note that Yung Bleu shares an older son with a former girlfriend, reportedly named Shunna Phillips.

At this time, the relationship between the alleged victim and the 29-year-old continues to remain unclear.

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