Xiaomi Applies to Register the Trademark “Mi Yunda”: Expected to Launch Self-operated Logistics Services

Xiaomi Applies to Register the Trademark “Mi Yunda”: Expected to Launch Self-operated Logistics Services

According to the website of the Trademark Office of the National Intellectual Property Administration, Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. has recently applied for registration of two trademarks “米运达” (Mi Yunda). The international classifications are 39 (transportation and storage) and 12 (vehicles).

In detail, both trademarks were applied for registration on September 27th and entered the stage of acceptance notice issuance on October 17th. The current status is “waiting for substantive examination”.

Among them, the international classification of the “Mi Yunda” trademark products/services under “transportation and storage” covers logistics transportation, transport booking, freight forwarding, transportation, product packaging, cargo storage, warehouse storage, etc. The international classification under “transportation tools” includes various types of waterborne, land-based and airborne carriers.

The above mentioned leaves room for imagination: From the classification to the name itself, there is a clear association between “Mi Yunda” and logistics, transportation, warehousing, etc. It is not ruled out that Xiaomi may enter the logistics field and create a self-operated logistics platform.

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According to the customer service of Xiaomi Mall, the delivery of small and medium-sized orders is handled by companies such as ZTO Express, SF Express, EMS, ZJS Express, JD.com, and Danniao Express. As for large appliances, they are delivered by JD.com, RRS, and Annto Logistics. Currently, there is no option to specify a courier for delivery.

Xiaomi Express announced that it will cease its courier service starting from December 1, 2022. From 0:00 on December 23, all functions including parcel tracking and server operations will be discontinued.

Xiaomi Express is an ‘on-demand’ express delivery service platform. Users can place orders and send packages here, and it will intelligently match the optimal express delivery service. Users can also independently choose their preferred express delivery service, and the courier will come to pick up the package at the agreed time. In addition, Xiaomi Express integrates services from SF Express, JD.com Express, Yunda Express, Huolala, Best Express, YTO Express, etc.

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