“Why Tacha cannot be faithful in her relationship” – Deeone

“Why Tacha cannot be faithful in her relationship” – Deeone

Popular comedian, Deeone has explained to his fans and followers why his colleague, Tacha is not capable of being faithful in a relationship.

Gistreel reported that Tacha counselled women not to commit to a relationship unless it becomes serious and involves an engagement ring.


It’s acceptable to have other partners at that stage, in her opinion, as there is no pledge to uphold and no ring to prove it.

In reaction, Deeone stated that in the history of reality TV show in Nigeria, Tacha is the one that has the most inferiority complex and low self-esteem.

The comedian recalled a tweet Tacha made from October 30, 2018 where she promised to indulge in sexual activities with any guy that says he loves her.


He said that Tacha’s low self-esteem finally dawned on him after seeing this tweet.

He went on to say that she is a hustler and that Tacha’s kind of women are unfaithful in relationships since they have extramarital affairs.


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