Who is the owner of Inter Miami? Ownership structure at the MLS club

Who is the owner of Inter Miami? Ownership structure at the MLS club

Lionel Messi’s announcement of him joining Inter Miami has been doing the rounds on the internet. Yes, the move has come as a shock or rather surprise to many, given the fact that he was offered a multi-million dollar deal from Al Hilal in Saudi.

Not to mention the fact that former club Barcelona came calling for him publicly and were trying everything in their power to bring him back. Even after all the enticing factors elsewhere, going to MLS made little sense, but Messi will play his football at DRV PRK Stadium next season.

Messi’s move to Inter Miami comes down to the genius of the club owners David Beckham and The Mas brothers – Jose and Jorge. A lowdown on Inter Miami’s ownership structure and who has the majority stakes.

Inter Miami ownership structure

The ownership group was first formed in 2013 when the franchise was named Miami Beckham United but later was changed to Miami Freedom Park LLC, after multiple complications. The initial formation draws back to 2007 when Beckham came to play in the MLS and was allowed to buy a franchise at a discounted offer.

In September 2021, it was made official that David Beckham and the Mas brothers Jose and Jorge bought complete stakes of ownership of the club. Later on, Ares Management was also added to the ownership group and the ownership structure has remained the same since.

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Does Beckham own Inter Miami?

Back in 2007 when David Beckham joined LA Galaxy, the English winger added a clause in his contract that said he can own an MLS club after he retires as part of the deal. He decided to trigger that clause in 2013.

Thus, this makes it clear that David Beckham was the first owner of Inter Miami. Although many outlets say that he is the co-owner of Inter Miami, it is still unclear how much of a stake he has at the club, given that the Mas brothers hold a stake at the club and are also the co-owners of Inter Miami.

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