Wheels Logistics Introduces Fully Electric Vehicles to Revolutionarize the Delivery Landscape of Pakistan

Wheels Logistics Introduces Fully Electric Vehicles to Revolutionarize the Delivery Landscape of Pakistan

In an era where environmental concerns have taken center stage, businesses are called upon to reimagine their operations with sustainability in mind. A leading logistics and transportation company, Wheelz Logistics (Private) Ltd. has embarked on a groundbreaking journey to revolutionize the delivery landscape by introducing fully electric vehicles into their fleet, by partnering with the rapidly growing company, Rider – Powered by TPL, to enable eco-friendly and efficient deliveries.

The co-founders, Ahsan Khanani and Ajlan Javed are proud to be at the forefront of change, along with Rider’s COO Ali Akhai, advocating for sustainability without compromising efficiency. By electrifying the last mile of their deliveries, they are not only investing in the health of our planet but also showcasing their dedication to innovation and responsible business practices. The co-founders said, “as we drive towards a cleaner, greener future, we invite everyone to be a part of this transformative journey.”

Charging Ahead with Electric Mobility

Their decision to integrate fully electric vehicles into their delivery fleet represents a substantial leap towards reducing their carbon footprint. These vehicles, namely the new Ecodost ED-350 STD by Nova Mobility, are not only emission-free but also quieter, contributing to a quieter and more peaceful urban environment. By taking advantage of advancements in electric vehicle technology, Wheelz Logistics is positioning itself as a pioneer in eco-friendly logistics.


The advantages of electric delivery vans extend beyond their positive impact on the environment. With fewer moving parts and simplified maintenance requirements, these vehicles offer increased reliability and cost savings over their traditional counterparts. Moreover, their commitment to cleaner energy aligns with the values of their customers who are becoming increasingly conscious of the social and environmental impact of their choices.In conclusion, Wheelz Logistics’ commitment to electrifying the last mile is more than a business strategy—it’s a testament to their dedication to making a positive impact on the environment.

For more details visit : http://www.wheelzlogistics.com

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