What Do You Do When The Woman Of Your Dreams Doesn’t Dream About You

What Do You Do When The Woman Of Your Dreams Doesn’t Dream About You

I fantasize about a relationship and marriage with Priscilla. She is a gem and a whole vibe. There is never a dull moment with her. So I love to spend time with her.

I saw her the very first day I went to church in my new neighborhood. I said to myself, “This lady is beautiful, perfectly shaped with radiating dark skin, but she looks too young for my liking.” Despite my thoughts, I still wanted to get close to her.

I noticed that Priscilla spends time with her friends and later joins her mum after service. The vibe between mother and daughter appeared good. They looked kind, and friendly, but I couldn’t gather the courage to approach them.

Years later, we joined a new branch of the same church and it presented a golden opportunity for me to get closer to her mum. Our relationship has been awesome to date. Due to our closeness, I considered myself family and saw Priscilla as I would, my younger sister. I engaged, loved, and treated her as I did my own sister and she also treated me like her brother.

Honestly, I never thought of having a romantic relationship with her until a friend drew my attention to it. We were having a conversation one day when he said, “My guy there could be more between you two. Have you thought about that?” I paused to think about what he said while he went on, “You said she is a pure soul, intelligent, beautiful, and respectful. So why are you wasting time? Or is it that you can’t propose?” I replied, “Oh no, it’s not like that between us. She is like a sister to me.” He still didn’t think that was good enough a reason to stay away from her.

He pointed out the fact that her mum and family liked me. “What else do you want?” He asked. “Or do you want to go into a hostile and unwelcoming family? My friend is allergic to good things,” he teased.

He advised me to consider the fact that Priscilla is not my blood sister so I shouldn’t let a good girl go and cry later. He said I should thank God for bringing me a good girl. He then said he would tease me if another guy swooped in and took her away. We both laughed and it, but the way I viewed Priscilla changed that night.

Before the week ended, a few other friends talked me into dating her. One would think that they held a special meeting and planned this agenda. I couldn’t help but think deeply about what they said. I realized then that my friends weren’t far from the truth. Priscilla possessed the qualities of a Proverbs 31 woman. Who wouldn’t want to be with a gem like her?

I wanted to get closer to her but I was afraid that she might think I had a hidden agenda. I was afraid the cordiality with the family, especially her mum, would be affected. Most importantly, my business was not doing well so I worried that I wouldn’t be able to cater for her needs or treat her well as I would have wished. Besides, I had already advised her to consider someone else’s proposal.

By and by, I broke through my fears and found the courage to propose love to her. Sometimes the things we think are difficult might end up being the easiest. She calmly responded, “Sam I really appreciate our friendship, and I think it is best it remains so.” I was heartbroken, but I kept my cool. I consoled myself with the knowledge that sometimes you don’t always get what you wish for in life.

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My friends advised me to propose to her one more time but I declined. I said no because I know my worth and I believe she also knows her worth, so I should respect her decision.

Priscilla’s level of understanding and maturity is deeper than I thought. We are still cool and all my fears are allayed. I wish I had seen in her what I am now seeing earlier. Indeed, I have lost a gem. Priscilla is very dear to my heart and God knows I would have worshipped the very ground she threads on. But at least half a loaf is better than none. So I’m grateful that we still get to talk and meet once in a while when she is in town.

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I am sharing my story because I wished mine would go the way Enoch’s story with Maa Lydia and her daughter is going. I am extremely happy for him and I hope that someday, Priscilla will come back and accept my proposal.

In case it doesn’t happen with her, I still believe there are a lot of Proverbs 31 women out there and at the right time, I will surely meet my beloved. For now, I’m focused on grooming myself to be a good father and a husband in anticipation of her. I hope to meet you soon, my dear future wife.


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