VodafoneZiggo implements WeTime AI for hotels.

VodafoneZiggo implements WeTime AI for hotels.


Belgian Tech Startup Wetime Announces Groundbreaking Partnership with VodafoneZiggo and Packet Ship

MAASTRICHT, 17/10/2023 — Belgian technology startup Wetime is proud to announce a transformative partnership with industry giants VodafoneZiggo and Packet Ship. This strategic alliance is set to bring Wetime’s cutting-edge AI technology into the realm of hotel rooms, beginning with a pilot project at the esteemed Teaching Hotel in Maastricht.

Revolutionizing Personalized Travel Through AI

“Wetime’s integration into Packet Ship’s Guide platform marks a significant leap in delivering personalised travel experiences,” says Jan-Pieter Gerritsen, a representative from Packet Ship. Unlike traditional AI platforms offering one-size-fits-all solutions, Wetime’s AI technology tailors travel experiences to individual tastes and preferences, setting a new industry standard in a highly competitive market.

Turning Hotel Rooms into Revenue Engines

Wetime is more than just an added amenity; it’s a revenue accelerator for hotels. By incorporating Wetime into their in-room services, hotels can present guests with a curated selection of 150,000 activities, 250,000 hotel options, and 45,000 restaurants worldwide. This not only enriches the guest experience but has also been proven to boost in-room service revenue by up to 15%.

Academic Endorsement and Industry Accolades

“We consider it essential to stay at the forefront of AI technology, a field that is becoming increasingly important in the hotel industry,” states Eelco Holwerda from the Teaching Hotel. Wetime’s credibility is further enhanced by its selection for the upcoming Web Summit’s Growth Summit, an elite gathering of the world’s most innovative companies. “Being chosen for the Growth Summit is not just an honour; it’s a validation of Wetime’s groundbreaking potential,” adds Sietse Schelpe, co-founder of Wetime.

Global Ambitions: Starting with the Netherlands

Wetime, in line with its ambitious growth strategy, is actively seeking its first round of investors to fuel its expansion into new markets. The company is capitalising on the platform provided by Web Summit’s prestigious Growth Summit to connect with potential strategic partners. Their objective is to secure the initial investments that will propel them from being self-funded into Belgium and across the European continent in the coming years. This represents a unique and compelling opportunity for investors to participate in a pioneering AI-driven travel and hospitality venture poised for global disruption.

About Wetime

Co-founded by Sietse Schelpe and Marloes Decraemer, Wetime is on a mission to redefine how people plan city trips. The platform employs AI to create customised travel itineraries, factoring in variables such as budget, group dynamics, and personal preferences.

Wetime is a Belgian technology startup dedicated to revolutionising travel experiences through AI technology. For more information about Wetime, please visit https://www.wetime.eu/.

About Packet Ship

Packet Ship delivers an integrated set of VOD and OTT components and solutions for entertainment and hospitality companies across the world.

About VodafoneZiggo

VodafoneZiggo is a prominent name in the telecommunications industry, and their collaboration with Wetime is set to redefine the hospitality sector. For more information about VodafoneZiggo, please visit https://www.vodafoneziggo.nl/en/ .

About Teaching Hotel

The Teaching Hotel in Maastricht is a renowned establishment known for its commitment to innovation in the hospitality sector.

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