Training Institute for Leadership Enrichment’s (TILE) “Get Ready & Stay Prepared” is Underway

Training Institute for Leadership Enrichment’s (TILE) “Get Ready & Stay Prepared” is Underway

Collaborating with the CA Office Partnership and Strategic Communications, the culturally relevant campaign, “Get Ready and Stay Prepared”, began in Los Angeles, Oakland/East Bay, San Francisco, Fresno and Inland Empire in July.

TILE Gives Life Saving Info to Seniors & Others

TILE Gives Life Saving Info to Seniors & Others

RIVERSIDE, Calif.Oct. 5, 2023PRLog — Posted Courtesy of Wright Enterprises CommUNITY Spotlight~~~

(Inland Empire) “The future is now.” Black Women Organized for Political Action’s The Training Institute for Leadership Enrichment (TILE) and the California Office of Partnership and Strategic Communications via “The Get Ready and Stay Prepared” Campaign are planting seeds now for a brighter future in the areas of environment to overcome the challenges of climate change, health to help eradicate inequities and business.

Climate change with its ripple effect of heat waves, droughts and wildfires has a major impact on all communities and even more so for vulnerable communities.  TILE’s community engagement program is ensuring people take the health precautions to protect themselves and families, particularly against extreme heat. TILE field organizers disseminated information about extreme heat from the website.  The life-saving instruction was greatly needed this past summer season in light of temperatures hitting well over the 100’s throughout many regions in California.

Two years ago, TILE launched its Black & Vaxxed ( ( initiative in conjunction with the state’s Vaccinate All 58 campaign.  The campaign was targeted to reach and prepare our underserved Black communities for the upsurge of COVID 19.  Today, officials warn, ‘the pandemic is over, but COVID-19 is still here’. As such, TILE considers it a priority to outreach to Black communities which were only second to the Latino community in being disproportionately hit hardest by COVID 19 during the pandemic.

The environment, health and business are all components of the TILE/OCPSC “Get Ready and Stay Prepared” campaign and impact quality of life.  In the area of business and employment, the campaign is focusing on assisting community-based organizations (CBOs) help individuals receive their ITIN number that will result in help in filing taxes and accessing California state services and benefits.  ITIN is a tax processing number issued by the Internal Revenue Service for individuals who are required to have a U.S. taxpayer identification number, but who do not have, and are not eligible to obtain, a Social Security Number.

To ensure that the information about HeatReadyCA, Vaccinate All 58 and ITIN number awareness is being disseminated in a culturally relevant way, TILE is utilizing interactive engagement by trusted messengers.  The highly interactive peer to peer engagements encourage the public to take action.  They include: door to door canvassing; community canvassing at events and highly trafficked areas; phone banking; training at workshops and meetings; and giving assistance to access state resources.

“Many communities of color move out of Los Angeles County for more affordable housing and geographical beauty, although once in the Inland Empire region, one can feel culturally disconnected,” said Jessica King, TILE Field Organizer. “Our field work is important for people to see there are organizations working with their interest at heart and it’s a great opportunity to make connections with non-BIPOC communities so they see a positive representation of other cultures.”

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