This Vertical Turntable Ships With a Pair of Speakers

This Vertical Turntable Ships With a Pair of Speakers

Turntables seem to be making a comeback, at least at CES: JBL took a modern, Gen Z-friendly route with its recently released Spinner turntable that connects via Bluetooth, and Fuse Audio displayed several gorgeous vertical record players at CES 2024. The star of the category at CES was Fuse Audio’s upcoming vertical turntable, which ships with two 30-watt speakers at no additional cost.

Unlike most record players, which have a horizontal surface for the record, Fuse Audio’s new product—no name announced yet—features a vertical dock. Its previous models, the Vert, Rec, and Wrap, are also vertical. While those older record players come embedded with 5-watt speakers, this one comes with two 30-watt speakers for a better, more immersive experience. Like most other turntables, this one plays at three vinyl speeds: 33, 45, and 78 RPM.

Fuse hasn’t announced a price for the new model, but the previous setups all sell for around $US200. On the older models, Fuse offers its proprietary Fuse Ceramic Needle on the tonearm as the default, with the option of paying about $US20 more to upgrade to the Audio Technica AT3600L Needle. On this upcoming record player, however, the fancy Audio Technica Needle is the default.

While this turntable does connect via Bluetooth 5.0, it also features RCA output for that stutter-free sound that audiophiles look for. Thankfully, it also sports a 3.5mm audio jack input, unlike JBL’s Spinner BT that we found slightly limiting in terms of connectivity options.

I’m not sure if it’s the eye-catching vertical design of this turntable or the handcrafted ashtree wood on its plinth, but this is a stunning device that I’d love to have in my space.

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