The Mercenary and the Novelist Manga Ends

The Mercenary and the Novelist Manga Ends

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Manga’s 3rd, final volume ships in September


© Nachiyo Murayama, Asovu Minami, TAKOLEGS, Square Enix

The August issue of Square Enix‘s Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine published on Wednesday the final chapter of Nachiyo Murayama‘s The Mercenary and the Novelist (Yōhei to Shōsetsuka), the manga adaptation of Asovu Minami‘s light novel series of the same title.

The manga’s third and final volume will ship in September.

The manga launched in Monthly Shonen Gangan in September 2021, with original character design by TAKOLEGS. Square Enix published the manga’s first compiled book volume in March 2022 and second volume in September 2022.

Manga UP! Global publishes the manga in English, and describes the story:

With the advent of the transcontinental railroad, smoke from steam locomotives veils the cities and mercenaries are a thing of the past.

Sword, a mercenary, is down on his luck when he accepts a job from the bestselling lady novelist, Verderon. They set out on a journey to a dangerous, uncharted mountain… Only to be caught up in a conspiracy between church and state?!

A tale of iron swords and typewriters!

Minami launched the original novel series on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō (Let’s Become Novelists) website in May 2014. Star Seas Company published the novel’s first volume, with illustration by TAKOLEGS in July 2019. The second volume, which includes the novel’s second part titled Yōhei to Shōsetsuka 2 The Doll Across the Horizon published in April 2021.

Source: Monthly Shonen Gangan August issue

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