The interplay between organic and paid Google search by Digital Marketing Depot

The interplay between organic and paid Google search by Digital Marketing Depot

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With Google dominating the search engine market share, it’s no wonder that every business wants to appear in its search engine results pages as much as possible. But small- to medium-sized businesses need a well-designed strategy to compete against larger corporations. Pursuing both SEO and PPC can maximize visibility in search results, making the playing field a little more even.

While many marketers understand that SEO and SEM work better together, the relationship between organic and paid search is complex, and it can have significant consequences on your success in SERPs. This white paper from Semify provides practical insights on how to win in both categories by exploring the relationship between SEO and PPC. It discusses how organic search results impact ad click performance and how to leverage your PPC success to inform your SEO strategy.

Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing: The Interplay Between Organic and Paid Google Search and learn how to win in both categories.

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