The Best Place For Video Game Tips Is Pornhub’s Comment Section

The Best Place For Video Game Tips Is Pornhub’s Comment Section

Gamers and porn enthusiasts have always had something of a symbiotic relationship. In 2022, popular games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Overwatch dominated Pornhub searches, and PCGamer reported that the site has tons of Let’s Play-style videos that are devoid of pornographic content. Turns out the popular destination for smut is also a treasure trove for tips, with tons of comments on a variety of videos asking for help in games like Subnautica, Minecraft, and Dark Souls 3.

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In the comments section of a fairly innocuous porno (that Kotaku can confirm was not remotely related to video games), one viewer begged for help finding parts for the Cyclops ship in the underwater adventure game Subnautica. Several benevolent porn viewers swept in to offer advice. “You can find most if not all the engine fragments around the island the Sunbeam was supposed to land at, and in the large flat mushroom forest you can find the hull as well as the bridge fragments,” one wrote. “Hope that helps.”

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Another, whose Pornhub user name is literally “CyclopsPart,” wrote that they “made this account just to help you bro” before launching into an impressively detailed guide. “Honestly now I just want to play Subnautica,” someone else commented.

Pornhub game tips, explained

It’s not just Subnautica players looking for tips on Pornhub, however. A post from six years ago on the subreddit r/PornhubComments shows someone looking for help with Guitar Hero 3’s hammer-ons, which are notes that you can play without strumming the plastic guitar controller that comes with the game. “I’d suggest practice mode but some songs that I’d recommend are super easy and where I began to learn them on is ‘my name is jonas’ and ‘city of flame with rock and roll’ those are perfect for beginners,” wrote a user.

A screenshot of the comments section of a Pornhub video where two users discuss how to get parts for the Cyclops ship in Subnautica.

Image: MindGeek / Kotaku

A comment on a completely different video asks for help with the infamously difficult Guitar Hero song “Through the Fire and Flames.” “Hold onto your star power as long as you can during the solo, practicing hitting all the star power sections during the early solos to fill your meter, practice the tough parts of the solo but use the star power to carry you through it during early playthrough,” one commenter suggested.

The requests for help and subsequent game tips don’t stop there. There’s a comment from three years ago asking for tips on Dying Light’s prison heist DLC mission, one raising queries about Minecraft’s Ender Dragon boss, and yet another offering some sound advice on how to best the Curse-rotted Greatwood in Dark Souls 3.

After I was made aware of the aforementioned Subnautica comment, I began scouring Pornhub for research purposes. I stumbled across several references to games (including more than one “this isn’t free v-bucks” Fortnite-related comment), and quite a few people looking for or offering help. “I can help anyone beat the soul of cinder in Dark Souls 3 if you want,” someone wrote on a video titled “I Seduce a Hotel Worker and it Ends in a DELICIOUS FUCK” three months ago.

A screenshot from a different Pornhub video, where commenters are discussing how best to beat the final boss in Dark Souls 3.

Image: MindGeek / Kotaku

Gamers on Pornhub weren’t having it, though. “Nah bro, I’m good I’m on [New Game]+3,” wrote one commenter, while another pointed to a more recent FromSoftware game: “Bro. People need help for Malenia in Elden Ring now. Try to keep up.” But one did ask for help with the final boss in Dark Souls 3, and some well-versed Pornhub gamers delivered. “Use gold pine resin for extra damage and remember to dodge to the sides when he does an upward or downward swing, ” wrote one person, whose advice goes on to include backstabbing, and tips for the boss’ second stage. One person seemed perplexed that the worlds of gaming and pornography were colliding. “I literally stopped playing DS3 to come pound off lmao,” they wrote. I appreciate their honesty.

The comment section of Pornhub has historically been full of spam, bizarre observations about specific porn actors, and, occasionally, recipes for brownies. But what’s fascinating about finding game tips tucked away in the seedier sections of the internet is not only that it implies that the Venn diagram of porn enjoyers and gamers is a circle, but it showcases some seriously impressive tips that you’d normally find on a website like, say, Kotaku.

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