The Arctic Cowboys Partners with Tex:Power: Revolutionizing Off-Grid Power Solutions

The Arctic Cowboys Partners with Tex:Power: Revolutionizing Off-Grid Power Solutions

AUSTIN, TexasMay 17, 2023PRLog — The Arctic Cowboys, a well-known adventure and exploration group, is excited to announce a new collaboration and sponsorship with Tex:Power, a leading provider of portable energy solutions. The Arctic Cowboys’ spirit of adventure will be combined with Tex:Power’s cutting-edge off-grid power technology, resulting in a powerful synergy that will redefine safety and the possibilities of remote energy generation.

Tex:Power is known for its innovative portable wind turbines and solar panels, which are designed to provide reliable power in even the most difficult environments. Tex:Power ‘s products provide a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative for powering electronic devices, appliances, and other devices by harnessing natural elements. Tex:Power has established a reputation for quality and efficiency in the industry.

The Arctic Cowboys have long been at the forefront of exploration and adventure, conquering some of the most remote and unforgiving waterways on the planet. The Arctic Cowboys will now have access to Tex:Power’s cutting-edge off-grid power solutions. Specifically, the Infinite Air portable wind turbines enable safer expedition communications and more frequent location beacon updates. All thanks to Tex:Power ‘s new sponsorship.

The Tex:Power Infinite Air wind turbine is a compact and lightweight powerhouse that captures wind energy and converts it to electricity using advanced turbine technology. Its rugged construction and simple setup make it the ideal companion for the Arctic Cowboys’ expeditions, supplying dependable power generation wherever their adventures take them. Despite its small size, it has impressive power generation capabilities, ensuring that the Arctic Cowboys can stay connected and powered up on the most daring portions of their expeditions.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Tex:Power because they share our passion for adventure and commitment to sustainable living. With the Infinite Orbit power generating hand crank, we will be safe in emergency situations when we are without power and will be able to recharge our phones by winding the crank producing 1% power per minute for our devices.” said Mark Agnes, an Arctic Cowboys member. ” Tex:Power ‘s portable wind turbines will revolutionize the way we access power during our expeditions, enabling us to go further, explore deeper, and stay connected with the world around us.”

The Arctic Cowboys’ values are perfectly aligned with Tex:Power ‘s commitment to environmentally friendly power solutions. They hope to promote sustainable living, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and inspire others to embrace renewable energy options by working together.

For more information about Tex:Power and their range of portable energy solutions, please visit their website at

About The Arctic Cowboys:

The Arctic Cowboys are a well-known adventure and exploration group dedicated to pushing human capabilities and exploring the world’s most remote and difficult environments. More information about the Arctic Cowboys can be found at

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