Tanzanian traders escape Dar Port, opt for efficient Mombasa Port

Tanzanian traders escape Dar Port, opt for efficient Mombasa Port

A section of Tanzanian traders are now opting to import their goods and having them shipped to the Port of Mombasa as opposed to their Dar-es-Salaam and Tanga ports.

Speaking to Wasafi FM’s Good Morning show, a trader explained why he opted shipping to Mombasa and having his goods transported to Tanzania.

“I believe Tanzania ports have lost many customers because of their delays in offloading containers from ships, therefore creating additional delays for an importer to get their goods. For example, if you look at the Mombasa port, many Tanzanians are taking their containers to Mombasa and having them offloaded from ships from there. Even me. This is because they know that once a ship arrives, cargo is immediately offloaded. There are no additional fees and within a short time, he gets his goods; and the freight charges- the fees to transport that container- the fees are lower than in Dar-es- Salaam. This is because our neighbors have upgraded their machineries, know how to provide quick services and are efficient,” said an operator with Perfect Ocean Freight.

Mombasa is the biggest port in East Africa by size and capacity. It handles most cargo for landlocked countries including Uganda, DR Congo, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi by offering them a direct route to the sea. However, the port has in recent times been facing stiff competition from Dar Port which makes this revelation by the operator come as unexpected news.

By 2021, Mombasa port was handling double the amount of cargo shipped to Dar port. Mombasa port handled 34.54 million tonnes compared to Dar’s 17.03 million tonnes. The Tanga port handled 0.84 million tonnes, Mtwara handled 0.21 million tonnes and Lamu handled 0.04 million tonnes.

In response to the trader’s sentiments, a section of Tanzanians reacted differently as sampled below:

“Why did I import my car through Mombasa? For someone who stays in Moshi, Himo, Holili, Rambo or Marangu, why would you import via Dar when Mombasa is nearer? The issue is not delays at the port, it is that it depends on which side in Tanzania you are located. Stop lying” said Serengeti One.

“Ok, so Mombasa provides great services and skills. Have they sold their port to foreigners? Who have they given the task of running the port for life? Why can’t Tanzania do what Kenya did? The problem is that the government won’t operate without bribes and they eat money like ants),” added Dr Calipso.

“Has the port in Mombasa been privatized? The CCM government is full of all deal makers in Tanzania. Kenya run their Mombasa port effeciently. Why would the Tanganyika government be unable to do the same? Stupidity and all their spokespeople are idiots who first think of themselves instead of the nation. 2025 they will get 5 more years, why?” asked Osei Tutu.

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