Tafa Sego: Rising to Lead – The Anointed Path to Chairmanship in Lagos NURTW

Tafa Sego: Rising to Lead – The Anointed Path to Chairmanship in Lagos NURTW

In the heart of Lagos thrives an enigmatic figure, Com. Mustapha Adekunle, known to many as Tafa Sego.

His resonating presence extends deeply within the intricate folds of the Lagos State National Union of Roads Transport Worker (NURTW), where his influence is paramount. Revered as a confidant of the esteemed MC Oluomo, Tafa Sego transcends the confines of the transport industry, casting a wide social net that stretches far beyond the motor parks.

Presently holding the revered position of Treasurer within the association, Tafa Sego has been anointed as the forthcoming national Chairman of the Lagos Chapter, marking an impending shift in leadership.

Despite stiff opposition from other top members vying for the same role, Sego’s favorability has sparked tensions within the association, nearly resulting in discord. Yet, in the face of adversity, divine providence intervened, affirming that when it’s one’s time, no opposition can thwart destiny.

Intervention by esteemed figures such as Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwoolu, Chief of Staff Mr. Tayo Ayinde, and His Royal Majesty, Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi diffused the tensions, solidifying Sego’s endorsement. This resolution marks a turning point, heralding his forthcoming chairmanship while MC Oluomo transitions to steer the association’s national affairs from Abuja.

Beyond the realm of transport logistics, Tafa Sego’s influence extends as an esteemed liaison within Lagos’ social elite. His fair complexion and influential sway over the extensive motor parks of Lagos Island underscore his cultural influence, intertwining seamlessly with the city’s vibrant fabric.

A remarkable facet of Tafa Sego’s persona is his close alignment with numerous socialites, whose homage over the years speaks volumes about his integral role within Lagos’ social and cultural tapestry.

His multifaceted persona not only encapsulates authority in the transport industry but also serves as a binding force, uniting the intricate layers of Lagos’ diverse communities through his compelling presence and influence.

The unfolding narrative of Tafa Sego bridges the gap between transport, culture, and society, positioning him as a symbol of unity and leadership within Lagos’ vibrant landscape. As he gears up to ascend to the chairmanship, Tafa Sego’s journey embodies the merging currents of destiny and societal impact, marking a new chapter in the annals of Lagos NURTW.

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