‘Single’s Inferno 3’ star Lee Jin Seok REVEALS if he is dating An Min Young

‘Single’s Inferno 3’ star Lee Jin Seok REVEALS if he is dating An Min Young

Ever since the conclusion of ‘Single’s Inferno 3’,


have been eagerly speculating about the fate of these newfound


. Among the fan-favorite couples that captured the audience’s hearts is the duo consisting of the charming café owner

Lee Jin Seok

and the resilient pilates instructor An Min Young.

Their journey on the show was not without its challenges.

Initially, Min Young, feeling uncertain about Jin Seok’s seemingly instant commitment, encouraged him to explore connections with other women. This led to a moment of tension when Jin Seok showed interest in a new contestant, Cho Min Ji. However, Min Young’s true feelings for Jin Seok surfaced, and from that point forward, she remained steadfastly by his side.

In the emotional finale, Min Young approached Jin Seok at the gates of Inferno, expressing, “Oppa, thank you for taking such good care of me here. This wouldn’t have been an actual inferno if I didn’t have you for the ride”. She sweetly requested him to bake her bread once they left Inferno, a nod to Jin Seok’s role as a café owner. When Jin Seok responded with a seemingly simple ,“Min Young. Thank you. The end”, viewers were briefly left on edge, only to discover that it was yet another playful tease from the mischievous Jin Seok. The couple left Inferno hand in hand, leaving fans rooting for their continued happiness.

However, as the show was filmed months ago, fans have been left in suspense about the current status of Lee Jin Seok and An Min Young’s relationship. Amidst the speculation, Lee Jin Seok recently shed light on the current status of his relationship with Min Young in an interview with OSEN. While confirming that they had mutual feelings for each other, he revealed, “[An Min Young] and I had feelings for each other, but since Min Young and I both have businesses that we focused on, we aren’t currently dating. We’re on good terms with good feelings towards each other”, providing a glimmer of hope for fans who continue to ship this adorable couple.

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