Seun Kuti publicly apologizes to Isreal DMW amidst controversy

Seun Kuti publicly apologizes to Isreal DMW amidst controversy

Nigerian singer Seun Kuti has extended a public apology to Isreal DMW, the personal logistics manager of popular artist Davido, in light of recent public backlash.

Seun Kuti, who positions himself as a representative of internet users, clarified his stance and sought to set the record straight regarding the involvement of Israel’s wife, Sheila, in the controversy.

In a newly issued statement, the singer acknowledged that many critics who lambasted Israel last week might have done the same if placed in his shoes. There appeared to be an eagerness among some to undermine Isreal, possibly with the intent of securing his position.

He went on to highlight that numerous individuals have been showering Davido with praise more frequently than Isreal, suggesting a potential desire to replace him in his role.

Addressing his previous criticisms, particularly during a tumultuous breakup with his wife, Sheila, Seun Kuti took the opportunity to publicly express remorse to Isreal. The singer’s apology signals a shift in perspective and aims to reconcile any misunderstandings that may have arisen during the recent controversy.

As this news unfolds, the public watches closely to see how this apology impacts the dynamics within Davido’s circle and whether it marks a turning point in the relationship between Seun Kuti and Isreal DMW.

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