SeaOrama: World of Shipping Has Opened Its Port on PC

SeaOrama: World of Shipping Has Opened Its Port on PC

Become the Best Shipping Company in Seaorama

Get ready to tackle the challenges of running a successful shipping company. Hidden Tower Studios and PID Games are thrilled to announce that SeaOrama: World of Shipping is out now on PC. The game is available on Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG for just $17.99 with a 10% launch discount.

SeaOrama: World of Shipping

In SeaOrama: World of Shipping, you will embark on an entrepreneurial journey by establishing and developing your own shipping company. The beginning might be quite rough as you will start with a single vessel. But with time, you will get the opportunity to turn it into a maritime empire. Make your strategies, invest your money carefully, and witness the growth of your company in the global trade arena.

Establish trade routes of your own throughout a vast world map with 90 distinct port locations. Every destination presents exclusive challenges and opportunities. Delve into market trends, consider geopolitical events, and hone your logistics skills to optimize your routes. Aim for the highest levels of profitability and efficiency.

Command a diverse fleet consisting of 17 vessel types, ranging from cargo ships to container vessels. Guarantee the optimal maintenance and outfitting of your fleet. Secure profitable contracts with clients and vigilantly supervise all facets of your shipping activities. Adjust to unexpected challenges and ensure the continuous movement of your cargo, overcoming any obstacles that may arise.


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