Saudi Arabia Reviews Trade Facilitation Initiatives at FIATA

Saudi Arabia Reviews Trade Facilitation Initiatives at FIATA

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority reviewed Saudi initiatives to facilitate trade and support the logistics sector at the FIATA 2023 conference. The conference was held in the Belgian capital, Brussels and was organized by the International Federation of Freight Brokers (FIATA).

The authority had a pavilion in the exhibition accompanying the conference to review the authority’s logistical and customs services related to trade facilitation.

Saudi Authorized Economic Operator priority program

Among the most prominent services is the (Saudi Authorized Economic Operator) priority program. The program is based on the concept of partnership between the authority and establishments.

It enhances the security of the global supply chain and provides more advantages to facilitate trade. Moreover, it introduces the logistical and customs services it provides in the deposit areas and the two-hour clearing initiative.

The Authority’s participation included a review of the facilities provided to shipping brokers, which enable brokers to provide distinguished logistical services that are consistent with its objectives of strengthening the Kingdom’s position as a global logistics platform by facilitating customs procedures and developing them in a way that achieves flexibility in the customs clearance process.

Two-Hour Clearance Initiative

It also participated in the workshop held within the conference proceedings. The Authority reviewed its experience with the two-hour clearance initiative.

The initiative represents a unique model for unifying efforts between customs clearance authorities that aim to improve the Kingdom’s position as a global logistics center. In addition, the efforts aim to introduce the customs services it provides in the deposit areas and the extent of its contribution to providing an attractive investment environment.

Through this participation, the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority seeks to strengthen international relations between the Authority, officials and experts in the field of logistics services and trade facilitation.

FIATA Exhibition Importance

The FIATA exhibition represents an opportunity to discuss developments in the logistics field and global trends in logistics services. It discussed the services’ role of facilitating global trade and improving industries and services in the fields of transportation, shipping, logistics and development of standardized shipping documents.

The FIATA Exhibition and Conference is an international platform that presents the latest trends and developments and discusses shipping and logistics sector-related topics. It sheds light on the future of the logistics sector in light of technical developments, the role of the logistics sector in achieving regional and global integration, and the importance of advancing human capabilities working in the sector.

Monitoring emerging practices, including technology solutions and information exchange between customs and other agencies, is among the conference’s primary objectives.

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