Sam Polakoff, CEO & Founder of BrillDog Named a 2023 Rainmaker by DC Velocity

Sam Polakoff, CEO & Founder of BrillDog Named a 2023 Rainmaker by DC Velocity

NEW FREEDOM, Pa.July 13, 2023PRLog — BrillDog is proud to announce that its’ esteemed founder and CEO, Sam Polakoff, has been named a 2023 Rainmaker, a prestigious recognition in the logistics industry. The Rainmaker Award is presented annually by DC Velocity to a select few and celebrates exceptional individuals who have significantly contributed to advancing and revolutionizing the supply chain and logistics sector. DC Velocity selected the 2023 Rainmakers in concert with members of the magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board from candidates nominated by readers, board members, and previous Rainmakers and DCV Thought Leaders. This year’s selections represent different facets of the business—practitioners, tech specialists, carriers and third-party service providers, and, notably, leaders of companies working to promote sustainable logistics operations.

With a track record of innovation, leadership, and unparalleled dedication, Polakoff has propelled BrillDog to the forefront of the logistics industry. His vision and strategic initiatives have transformed how companies manage their supply chains, optimizing efficiency and driving sustainable growth.

Under Polakoff’s leadership, BrillDog has emerged as a game-changer, providing cutting-edge technological solutions that streamline logistics processes, enhance visibility, and maximize operational performance. BrillDog has empowered businesses to navigate complex supply chain challenges and quickly achieve unprecedented success.

Polakoff’s receipt of The Rainmaker Award reflects his exceptional contributions and visionary approach to logistics. His relentless pursuit of excellence has inspired positive change within the industry. “I am truly honored and humbled to be named a Rainmaker,” said Polakoff. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire BrillDog team. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and helping our customers thrive in an ever-evolving supply chain landscape.”

In addition to being the founder and CEO of BrillDog, Polakoff is the CEO and third generation owner of Nexterus. Founded in 1946, Nexterus is the oldest privately held non-asset based 3PL in America. In the 1960’s, Nexterus became an outsourced transportation department for smaller companies. Years later, the company began designing and deploying one of the country’s first TMS products. Nexterus’ calling as an organization has always been to study the supply chain practices of the largest companies in the world and determine how to bring those solutions to the little guy, affordably and in an easy-to-use manner. BrillDog exemplifies this mission by giving the little guy a chance to compete via affordable SCM software tackling every aspect of the product lifecycle; plan, source, make, deliver, and return. BrillDog aims to be the country’s first Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) specifically for the SMB.

Since his start in 1975, Sam Polakoff has played an integral role in transforming Nexterus into a supply chain engineering and technology firm helping small and mid-sized companies to strategically position themselves for growth. During his tenure with Nexterus, he expanded the company’s service portfolio by launching the following divisions: Information Technology, Sales & Marketing, International Transportation Management, Freight Payment and Supply Chain Services.

Sam Polakoff is also the award-winning author of four thrillers, Hiatus (2018), Shaman (2019), Escaping Mercy (2022), and An Inch from Oblivion (2023). He wrote a children’s book entitled, “A Christmas Tale (2007),” 100% of the proceeds of which support glaucoma research and education.

The Rainmaker Award recognizes leaders who have made remarkable strides in shaping the future of supply chain and logistics. Through BrillDog’s comprehensive suite of services and Polakoff’s tireless efforts, the company has revolutionized the industry by offering a unique process to help smaller companies easily gain supply chain mastery while breaking free of commoditized TMS offerings.

About BrillDog: BrillDog believes simplicity and transparency are essential for every business shipper. BrillDog is an advanced, integrated solution that manages supply chain processes and data. Customers benefit from the affordable, real-time, cloud-based supply chain functionality, management, and analysis. The BrillDog technology builds on years of logistics expertise, a deep understanding of supply chain needs, and powerful new technologies. For more information, visit (

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