PPP’s $10bn Scheme Targets Food Security in Africa, Middle-East – UN

PPP’s $10bn Scheme Targets Food Security in Africa, Middle-East – UN

United Nations
United Nations


PPP’s $10bn Scheme Targets Food Security in Africa, Middle-East – UN

The former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, has stated that a $10 billion Public-Private Partnership Initiative is expected to bring climate-resilient food security and food systems transformation to millions in Africa and the Middle East

Speaking at the just concluded Africa Climate Summit held in Nairobi, Kenya, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations said the Africa and Middle East SAFE Initiative can potentially mobilise at least $10 billion of needed investment through public-private partnerships benefiting millions of people, saying that the collaborative approach aligns notably with global aspirations, specifically the priorities of SDG2 – Zero Hunger, and the COP28.

“If realized, the initiative referred to as the “Africa and Middle East SAFE Initiative” will focus on Scaling up climate-resilient Agriculture and Food systems transformation for Economic development in the two regions, “he said.

Ban Ki-moon called everyone to action saying, “To ensure that words and ideas lead to action and real tangible change, we need everyone, each and every one of us.”

The Africa and Middle East SAFE Initiative aims to invest in the future of these regions by unlocking green investments, promoting climate-smart agriculture for rural farmers, and creating green jobs. It consists of two key frameworks, the Technical Assistance Fund (TAF) and Investment Platform (IP), which will help build climate-resilient economies.

This multi-faceted initiative plans to irrigate 2 million hectares of African farmland, enhance the climate resilience of 10 million smallholder farmers (especially women and young people), and address food security in both Africa and the Middle East. Additionally, it is expected to generate 2 million green jobs, improve livelihoods, and export 2 million metric tonnes of food crops to the Middle East, valued at around $2 billion.

Also speaking, the President of Kenya, William Ruto, noted that meaningful change needs to happen through dialogues and the discovery of opportunities.

“An opportunity-oriented focus on climate action is the engine for propelling Africa into a real of stability and prosperity. We must see in green growth not just a climate imperative, but also a fountain of multi-billion-dollar economic opportunities that Africa and the World are primed to capitalize on,”Ruto added.

The Africa and Middle East Safe Initiative propels the spirit of harnessing opportunities.

GGGI is committed to helping facilitate dialogues and shaping the initiative from the idea to realization. It will coordinate and support ongoing dialogues among diverse stakeholders to progress toward a foreseeable next step.

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