Power Couple Introduces America’s Dog & Burger to Michigan for the First Time

Power Couple Introduces America’s Dog & Burger to Michigan for the First Time

Power Couple Introduces America's Dog & Burger to Michigan for the First Time

Chicago Mainstay Expands Ever Further With Exciting New Partnership

Power Couple Introduces America's Dog & Burger to Michigan for the First TimeChicago, IL  (RestaurantNews.comAmerica’s Dog & Burger (AD&B) is starting a stunning year of expansion with the announcement of a significant franchise agreement with Michigan-based entrepreneurial power couple, Thomas and Danielle Henry. The first new store is set to open at 31137 Mound Road in Warren, Michigan during the Spring of 2024.

Bringing together Danielle’s decade of marketing experience and Thomas’ fifteen years in restaurant operations, the couple entered 2023 keen to start a new venture together. They searched high and low for a brand with the right blend of great food, inviting ambiance, and sleek operations, and when they first experienced AD&B on a trip to Chicago’s Navy Pier, it was love at first sight.

AD&B is not just a restaurant, it’s a culinary journey offering a gastronomic odyssey for the senses. The Henrys were captivated by the menu’s ingenious fusion of classic American flavors and innovative twists, featuring an array of mouthwatering gourmet burgers crafted with the finest ingredients, city­ themed hot dogs that pay homage to iconic culinary traditions, succulent chicken sandwiches, wraps and salads that create a fantastic and robust culinary experience with something for everyone.

Power Couple Introduces America's Dog & Burger to Michigan for the First Time

Impressed by AD&B’s inviting aesthetic, immaculate space, and mouthwatering classic offerings, the Henrys found unwavering support in conversations with AD&B co-founder Manolis Alpogianis. Danielle expressed her confidence in the forming partnership, noting, “He wants to see us succeed as much as we want to succeed.”

“We want to make sure that we have a welcoming and inviting environment: a space that’s safe, that’s clean, and that serves not just good, but great food,” Danielle emphasized. “Success in the restaurant industry requires a combination of outstanding service, high quality, and effective marketing. So, with all of those things, we should be able to add a lot of great value to the community, and we hope to bring the community together.”

The team envisions carrying this community spirit throughout their franchise journey. Thomas outlined their plans for further development, saying, “The goal, once we get the first one up and running smoothly, is really to put 2 or 3 more up in the next 3 years so a vast customer-base can enjoy.”

This deal marks AD&B’s first step into the Michigan market and the Henrys first foray into restaurant franchising. “If our girls grow up and want to own their own business, we can show them that anything is possible,” Thomas said, confident and hopeful. Danielle added optimistically, “the sky is the limit”

For more information on America’s Dog & Burger and its commitments to great food and great community, visit https://ADBfresh.com.

America's Dog & Burger

About America’s Dog & Burger

Founded by entrepreneurial brothers Manolis and George Alpogianis after a transformative cross-country road trip, AD&B offers a culinary odyssey featuring the most enticing hot dog and burger flavors from across the nation. The brand uniquely positions itself in the dog and burger scene by offering guests a variety of fresh, gourmet burgers, city-themed hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, Italian beef, salads and more. After more than 20 years of proven success, the family-run business is strategically entering a phase of growth welcoming franchise opportunities with passionate individuals and teams attracted to the brand’s distinguishable niche.

To learn more about franchise opportunities with America’s Dog & Burger, email [email protected].

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