OnePlus Pad is shipping now, comes with free folio case

OnePlus Pad is shipping now, comes with free folio case

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Following pre-orders, the OnePlus Pad is now shipping to customers, as the brand also confirms freebies with your order.

Starting today, OnePlus is widely selling the OnePlus Pad from its website. The brand’s first Android tablet costs $479 and comes with flagship specs, including an 11.61-inch 144Hz display, a MediaTek Dimensity 9000, 128GB of storage, and 8GB of RAM.

In our review earlier this month, we said the OnePlus Pad was a solid option, despite suffering from some of Android’s continued quirks on larger screens.

On the whole, the OnePlus Pad is a pretty darn good Android tablet. OnePlus can fix up the software over time, and even if it doesn’t, it still works better than most options out there. The real question boils down to if this is a better device than what Samsung’s high-end Android tablets offer, and I think OnePlus splits the difference well. 

Prior to general availability, OnePlus was offering customers the choice of a free magnetic keyboard or a stylus. Now, OnePlus is only offering a free folio case with the purchase of the tablet, a $40 value. It’s a bit of a shame to see the other offers removed, but a free case is still something. OnePlus has also opened up trade-ins that can get you a $50 credit toward the Pad.

If you put in an order today, OnePlus estimates delivery as early as May 12. The tablet will be available at Amazon and Best Buy later this month.

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