My Farting Spirit Is Breaking Up Our Relationship

My Farting Spirit Is Breaking Up Our Relationship

I realized a change in him and I asked why. At first, he would come to my place every Friday night and we’ll spend the night together. I lived in town so it was easier. We would go out, have fun and come and crash at my place. My boyfriend is cuddly and I loved him for that. I would wake up at dawn and find myself in his embrace. I loved it.

All of a sudden, everything stopped. He wasn’t coming on Fridays and on the days he came around, he was in a hurry to leave. I thought he had another girlfriend and was rushing to her. He told me, “I’m tired of smelling your fart every night. It never stops so when I’m with you I don’t sleep well.”

This is a guy I’ve dated for the past two years ooo. “When did it start? Why haven’t you told me about it? I’m asleep so how is it possible that I’ll be farting?” He answered, “I can’t answer those questions for you. It’s disgusting and I’m tired.”

If there’s something wrong, you talk about it. Isn’t this what lovers do? We talked about it and things came back to normal again. I went to sleep at his place one night and in the morning when I woke up he said, “Now, listen to this. Maybe you thought I was lying.”

He played the sound of my fart to me. That silly boy recorded the sound just to embarrass me. I challenged him that it wasn’t mine. He was trying so hard to prove that it was mine so it turned into a heated argument. I called him “uncivilized.” I immediately regretted it so I said sorry.”

No, it was now his turn to give it to me. “Me and you who is uncivilized? A lady who doesn’t know how to guard his bottom is calling me uncivilized? A lady like you would be farting all night but I’m the one uncivilized.”

I didn’t respond though I was hurting. The thing is, I decided not to spend a night with him again while I work on what is it about me that make me do that while sleeping. He insulted me. That should end there but this guy is still angry. It’s been two weeks already. Everything is sketchy. He’s giving me the “I’m tired of you” vibe.

Honestly, I’m also tired. This is nothing to argue about so if this would cause the end of our relationship then I believe we didn’t have a relationship in the first place. Two years? And all of a sudden a natural occurrence like this will break us apart? Who doesn’t fart? I’m not forcing my way back to him. What will break will break so I will sit here and watch things fall. Or, I did the wrong thing so I should run back to him?


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