More Than Meets the Eye: Exploring the Rich Dimensions of Sex Doll Romance

More Than Meets the Eye: Exploring the Rich Dimensions of Sex Doll Romance

The term relationship is a pain in the nerve in the ears of some. It’s not easy to find a life partner or sustain a relationship. The perception of humans towards relationships is getting harder and harder. Humans are now falling in love with objects which confuse everything. Some have cultivated a strong bond with sex dolls for various reasons. It is possible to take an adult sex doll for a wife because of the following reasons.

sex doll

1. One-Sided Relationship

Some people prefer one-sided relationships and are good at it. They are not good at receiving feedback. Their egos are weak and they don’t like or disagree when their partners complain. Such people can’t handle critics. If you are of such character, you will prefer to have a relationship with a realistic sex doll because you avoid disagreements or arguments.

2. Social Isolation

It is difficult to establish a relationship if you are lonely and shy. You can’t engage in a conversation with the opposite sex. As such, you have a gap/vacuum in your life.  You can fill the void by having a relationship with objects like sex dolls, jewelry, etc.

sex doll

3. Preference

We all have preferences and whether you prefer to have a TPE sex doll as a wife, it’s all your preference. Sometimes people are very specific to the physical attributes of the structure. Some people fall in love with the structure of the doll. Psychologists are still trying to figure out this theory.

4. Bad Childhood Upbringing

There are cases where people have a bad child upbringing while growing up. Various reasons that attribute to this eg child neglect, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse.

These factors may affect your capability to form a healthy relationship with others. They develop a feeling that a relationship with objects will not hurt their feelings. Be it as it may, they equate that to an actual relationship.

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5. Animism

Animism, according to experts, is one of the strange reasons why some people suffer from objectophilia. Objectophilia is the religious belief that certain objects and structures possess certain spiritual powers.

This is why you hear some people saying this doll is possessed. In other words, animism looks at things like animals, rivers, rocks, weather systems, and others alive. In my opinion, this is a myth that some have believed.  Let’s not think more than that.

In Conclusion

There are other reasons why people take sex dolls to be their partners. Some are afraid of marriage. Others compare the expense of maintaining a sex doll to that of a real woman, they opt to have a love doll as a wife.

Online shops like BestRealDoll can produce customized love dolls depending on your preference. Technology has contributed to having a love doll as a wife. Technology can produce dolls basing on game characters, celebs, and even porn stars.

The most feature of sex dolls is that they will please your sexual desires. And it is possible to have a sex doll as a wife. It narrows down to your preference.

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