LoL Worlds 2023 skins – Which champions are eligible?

LoL Worlds 2023 skins – Which champions are eligible?

With one series away to determine the 2023 LoL champions, here are the eligible skins for the winners going into the Worlds finals.

Worlds 2023 skins

Image Credit: Riot Games

Worlds 2023 Skins – Eligibility Criteria

After winning a LoL World Championship, the players are given a special skin for each player on the winning roster. This tradition has been going on since the start of League of Legends, with Fnatic becoming the first team to get team-specific skins.

Back in 2018, however, Riot pushed out the conditions for a champion to be eligible to be selected for a Worlds skin.

  • The player must have played at least one game on that champion during the tournament.
  • If the team already has a skin for that champion from a previous Worlds winner, Riot may ask the player to choose another champion that jumped on Summoner’s Rift at Worlds.

Given the increasing number of Worlds skins, there have been a few situational criteria that might arise depending on the choice. For example, if a champion has a particular skin already in development, the player can be asked to make another choice to avoid overlapping releases for the same pick. Even though it’s an extreme scenario, it can happen.

With Worlds 2023 coming to an end with the Grand Finals this Sunday, November 19, we can go take a quick look at which are the eligible champions for a Worlds skin for each player. While we might see new picks added to the lists, it should give us a rough idea of what to expect when the 2023 Worlds skins are out.

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Which champions have been played by the Worlds Finalists?


  • Top Lane – Zeus – Aatrox, Gragas, Gnar, Jayce, Rumble, Yone
  • Jungle – Oner – Jarvan IV, Poppy, Rell, Sejuani, Maokai
  • Mid – Faker – Azir, Orianna, Sylas
  • ADC – Gumayusi – Ashe, Jinx, Kai’Sa, Nilah, Senna, Varus, Xayah, Caitlyn, Jhin, Kalista
  • Support – Keria – Alistar, Ashe, Bard, Renata Glasc, Senna, Tahm Kench

The player with the largest variety of champions played is Gumayusi, with 10 unique champion choices. While it’s unclear who he might choose, the Korean player is known for his Aphelios and Ezreal, two champions he still hasn’t played. We’ll see whether he gets the chance to play them in the finals.

After him, we have Zeus and Keria both with 6 champions played. The former might choose Jayce considering his love for the champion and the nick “Thunder God” while Keria might go for Bard, a champion he showed incredible proficiency on at Worlds.

T1 Zeus Worlds 2023

Image Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Oner only has 5 champions and the champion choices are slim. He’s not known for his utility jungle picks, so he might play something like Lee Sin in the finals to make the champion eligible.

Interestingly, Faker has only played three different champions: Azir, Orianna, and Sylas. Two of them already have a Worlds skin: Orianna got it from TPA while Azir was chosen by Easyhoon back when he was on SKT. Unless Faker plays more champions in the finals, we might see Sylas getting the special skin.

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  • Top Lane – TheShy – Aatrox, Gnar, K’Sante, Rumble, Graves, Ornn, Quinn
  • Jungle – Weiwei – Jarvan IV, Maokai, Poppy, Rell, Vi, Bel’Veth
  • Mid – Xiaohu – Ahri, Azir, Jayce, Neeko, Orianna, Sylas, Taliyah, Syndra
  • ADC – Light – Aphelios, Caitlyn, Kai’Sa, Kalista, Sivir, Zeri, Ashe, Varus
  • Support – Heimerdinger, Leona, Lux, Millio, Renata Glasc, Ashe

Weibo has a much larger choice compared to T1, with each player at least having piloted 6 different champions at the tournament. Starting from the top lane, TheShy is the one with the most tricky choice: Aatrox already has the DRX skin from last year, and the same goes for Graves (EDG Worlds skin) and Gnar (from SSG). Rumble would probably be the logical choice given the performance he showed on the champion, but there might also be the Quinn skin, which would probably be unique in its kind, and it would truly be a TheShy special.

For Weiwei, the choice could be literally anyone: he has played all champions throughout the season, with the exception of Bel’Veth, a champion he played for the first time in the semifinals. Xiaohu is known for his scaling mages and he has a large variety to choose from: 8 unique champions until now. On top of Orianna and Azir, it’s worth noting that Taliyah and Syndra also have a Worlds skin (Syndra from 2016 SKT).

Photo Credit: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

ADC Light also has quite a few choices. His most-played champion this season has been Aphelios, followed by Kai’Sa, and Zeri. There is already an Aphelios (EDG) and Kai’Sa skin (IG) so Zeri might be the one chosen. Crisp chose Thresh for his FPX skin back in 2019 and he’s known for his engage supports. The Worlds meta hasn’t really allowed him to play other engage supports which means he will probably go for the only tank support he played so far, Leona.

So this is the list of champions and the potential choices for the Worlds skins! Which other champions would you like to see included for the 2023 Worlds skins? We’ll find out when WBG and T1 clash this weekend for the World Championship.

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