Ladies: What a Man Needs (and Does Not!) in a Relationship – From a Man’s Point of View

Ladies: What a Man Needs (and Does Not!) in a Relationship – From a Man’s Point of View

Relationships are a fragile thing. They take a lot of understanding and even more work in order to make them successful and healthy. There are a million websites that offer advice for women; how to improve their self-esteem, how to do the right thing in a relationship, and a litany of other things. But what isn’t asked often is what a man needs in a relationship and the things that he does not. Men are not as vocal about their wants or feelings as women are and it can sometimes be difficult to know just what a man might want in a relationship.…CONTINUE READING

This helpful list will provide a look from a man’s perspective and give you an idea of the things that you need to do and not do in a relationship, keeping it healthy and on good ground for a long time.

Men need understanding

One of the very worst things for a man in a relationship is to feel as though they are not understood. Take, for instance, a situation where a man is doing all he can to be helpful in a stressful situation. There might not be anything that he can do to directly resolve the situation, but he is doing all he can to make the situation better. The last thing a woman should do in this situation is to take out her frustrations on her man.

He is there to help you. He wants to take away your frustration and pain but the fact of the matter is that he cannot. We all want to know the exact right thing to do or say, but sometimes all we can do is simply be there and show that we care. When your man does this, try to take into consideration that he is trying. It might not fix the situation but it will unite the two of you, allowing you to share the stress load and handle the situation together.

Don’t Make Yourself the Entire Focus

There is a simple fact of life: in most relationships, the bulk of the attention and focus falls on the woman. Their emotions and needs are far more complex and require more attention. As men, we are fine with this but it is imperative that women try not to make themselves the focus all day every day. Ask your man how he’s doing. Ask him what you can do for him. You don’t have to fawn over him and kiss the ground he walks on, but knowing that you are thinking of him and making an attempt to hear his thoughts and feelings will go a long, long way.

Don’t Take Them For Granted

Your man, if he is a good man, will spend the majority of his time trying to make you feel like the most special woman on earth. But it is important that you never take him for granted. Not all men treat women as special, wonderful beings. Knowing this should make you appreciate him all the more. When you take your man for granted, it can lead to trouble. It is one of the reasons why men lose interest in a relationship. Taking the time to make him feel appreciated does not take much effort. Do little things to show your appreciation for all that your man does. Make him his favorite meal. Give him a back rub. Cuddle up on him while you watch the game. These are little things that will go a long way towards showing that you appreciate all that he does and recognize the contributions that he makes to your relationship.

Learn to Make Compromises

Fighting is a normal part of any relationship and is actually healthy — so long as it is not constant fighting. One way to make fights occur less often is to pick your spots and learn to compromise. Some women are willing to die on every hill, making fights far more common of an occurrence. And when fighting is far more commonplace, a relationship is far more likely to end. Learning to compromise, as difficult as it may seem sometimes, will allow for far less friction in the relationship and far fewer fights. When you spend less time arguing and fighting, you spend more time appreciating each other’s company and have fun doing activities together.

There are many more things to do and not do to have a healthy relationship, but this guide is a great start in the right direction. Finding your way in a relationship takes continuous work but with this guide, you will have a leg up towards making the best of your relationship.

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