KOT reacts to Georgina Njenga’s new relationship after breakup with Baha

KOT reacts to Georgina Njenga’s new relationship after breakup with Baha

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) are buzzing with reactions after Georgina Njenga, the former partner of Tyler Kamau, popularly known as Baha from the TV series Machachari, revealed her new relationship with a mysterious man.

The news came as a shock to many, sparking mixed feelings and diverse opinions from fans.

The social media platform was ablaze with tweets expressing skepticism and surprise, while others mourned the loss of their favorite celebrity couple.

Some tweeps questioned the timing of Georgina’s new relationship, considering how recently she confirmed her breakup with Baha.

NJAMBI tweeted, “Georgina Njenga amesema tunaoga tunarudi soko lakini hatukai saana. Matching tattoos with her new bae already. Kabahanye kataambia nini watu?” (Georgina Njenga said we were still mourning, but she didn’t stay long. Matching tattoos with her new bae already. What will she tell people?)

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Luhya_Dollar added, “I’m not buying that Georgina Njenga and Baha story. Another Clout Chasing Publicity stunt seeking relevance.”

@edgarwabwire_ chimed in, “Georgina Njenga confirms she broke up with Baha Machachari long time ago now she’s in a new relationship.”

The unexpected revelation by Georgina left many fans divided, with some questioning the authenticity of her new relationship and others expressing support for her happiness.

Georgina had recently confirmed the end of her relationship with Baha, stating on her Instagram, “We broke up. I am in a new relationship with a new man. This is a different type of love. I never knew such love existed before, to be honest. I am in a good place.”

The couple had been admired by their fans and had served as relationship goals. However, issues in their relationship became public when US-based content creator Nurse Judy accused Baha of swindling him KSh 20,000, claiming they were facing eviction.

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Actor Tyler Mbaya a.k.a Baha. PHOTO| COURTESY

After reaching out to Georgina, Nurse Judy discovered that Baha allegedly had a betting addiction, which added strain to their relationship.

Georgina revealed, “He has been having a betting problem, but if anything, he did not borrow money to help us with anything, probably for him. He didn’t even tell me about this, and I pay all the bills. I feel so bad that he’s using our child to get money and just bet.”

While Baha seems to be moving on with his life and posted videos of himself enjoying his weekend on Instagram, he has not yet commented on Georgina’s new relationship.

On the other hand, Georgina appears to be embracing her new chapter wholeheartedly. She shared that she and her new lover have already gotten matching tattoos, indicating a deep commitment to their relationship.

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