Kenyan agri-tech startup iProcure partners with Farm to Market Alliance to  expand to Tanzania

Kenyan agri-tech startup iProcure partners with Farm to Market Alliance to  expand to Tanzania

iProcure, a Kenyan leading tech and data-driven agricultural inputs supply company has announced its expansion into Tanzania through its partnership with the Farm to Market Alliance (FtMA).  

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The move follows a funding raise of US$10.2 million Series B funding round which was aimed to support its expansion into new markets.The startup has now launched in Tanzania in partnership with FtMA, a consortium of public and private institutions that seeks to increase income and strengthen the resilience of smallholders while simultaneously increasing commercial viability for all value chain stakeholders.

  Niraj Varia, iProcure’s CEO said, “iProcure has had its sights set on Tanzania and this partnership with FtMA presents the perfect opportunity to roll out our technology to an established network of agro-dealers. FtMA shares our vision of digitising agriculture, helping farmers, and improving supply chains, so we are excited to enter this new market alongside them.”

Launched in 2013 ,the company has created a distribution infrastructure that connects major agricultural input suppliers directly to local agro-dealers via its proprietary distribution technology system.

The company ensures the availability, quality, and delivery of critical agricultural inputs like fertilizers and seeds at up to 25 per cent discount from prevailing market prices By cutting out the multiple levels of middlemen in the traditional agricultural supply chain and providing technology-driven insights on supply levels and price.

This is done through FtMA’s support to a network of last-mile service providers called Farmer Service Centres (FSCs), which act as key service hubs that provide access to demand-driven services such as quality inputs, weather and planting advisory information, affordable financing, handling and storage solutions, as well as timely market connections, thereby guiding producers’ transition from having a surplus or surplus potential to commercial farming. The partnership between iProcure and FtMA will improve access to supplies and services to over 125,000 farmers in Tanzania.

As part of the deal,iProcure will deploy its supply-chain tracking technology and business management software solutions to 100 Tanzanian agro-dealers to enhance their operational efficiency and supply traceability.

 The partnership will also deploy iProcure solutions to 100 FtMA Farmer Service Centers by November 2023.

Mads Lofvall, managing director of FtMA, said, at its core, the organisation aimed to bridge the gap between service delivery and market access at the first and last mile.

“Digitalising the work of our Farmer Service Centres is key to bridging this gap, and we are looking forward to seeing how our FSCs and farmers will benefit from this new partnership,” he said.

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