Just Ivy’s rates for content mentor ship

Here is what people had to say over the matter.

@QueenGathoni: And I’m just out here giving my influencer friends free advice I’m definitely mumu at this point

@janetmachuka_: This is cheap. The reason to why Kenyan thought leaders don’t grow is because of the lack of support. When others are charging $500 per hour in other countries, Kenyans are making a fuss about $50 dollars. If you aren’t a target audience, l suggest we just let the be

@Nefertittie_: Aki influencers si watatumaliza. $ 50 an hour???? Eish

@zillenialKE: Apo kwa this week fully booked kidogo anatucheza bana

@iAmMuthoni_: Mnasahau Ivy also has corporate experience and her brand is not a joke. You want someone who was earning a million plus when she left corporate to consult for free?

@NinawaAmani: For things they’ve downloaded on the internet

@masterpiece_007: Halafu uende kuambiwa vitu unaeza pata on Google for free

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