JD Logistics Announces Comprehensive Upgrade of Hong Kong and Macao Services

JD Logistics Announces Comprehensive Upgrade of Hong Kong and Macao Services

On October 17th, JD Logistics announced a comprehensive upgrade of its express delivery services in Hong Kong and Macao. By establishing multiple express operation centers in these regions, it aims to achieve full self-operation and optimization of the picking and transportation process. This will provide local express delivery, cross-border shipping between Hong Kong and Macao, as well as inter-provincial shipping from Hong Kong and Macao to mainland China with door-to-door delivery service for users in these areas.

According to official sources from JD Logistics, JD Logistics in the Hong Kong region can achieve delivery within 4 hours for same-city express service, while in the Macao region, it can achieve next morning delivery for same-city express service.

JD Logistics will also bring high-standard services such as door-to-door delivery and nighttime delivery to the Hong Kong region. The latest delivery time is extended to 22:00, providing personalized delivery services for users who are inconvenient to receive during the day. In addition, JD Logistics also implements “smiling waybills” in Hong Kong and Macao regions, using technology to replace some personal information such as phone numbers with smiley face expressions, effectively protecting user privacy.

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JD Logistics stated that the company has been expanding its presence in the Hong Kong and Macao regions for many years. With its leading integrated supply chain service capabilities, it provides logistics services such as B2B/B2C integrated warehousing and distribution, as well as local delivery for users in Hong Kong and Macao. This comprehensive upgrade of express delivery services in Hong Kong and Macao will not only greatly improve the delivery efficiency of local express deliveries but also further enhance connectivity between Hong Kong, Macao, and mainland China. It effectively supports the integrated development of logistics in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

According to the introduction, JD Logistics’ high-quality express delivery service has covered almost all regions and populations nationwide. During JD’s 11.11 promotion period, tens of millions of self-operated products can be delivered within 24 hours, including half-day delivery and same-day delivery, in over 95% of districts and counties.

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