Inside Emily Oberg’s First Sporty & Rich Flagship Store? Massage Rooms and a Juice Bar

Inside Emily Oberg’s First Sporty & Rich Flagship Store? Massage Rooms and a Juice Bar

Every weekend in SoHo, you’ll find crowds of tourists and locals lining up to enter its many streetwear stores; there’s Kith on Lafayette, Aimé Leon Dore on Mulberry, and Supreme on the Bowery. Now entering the mix is Emily Oberg’s Sporty & Rich, a 3,600 square-foot flagship that is the first womenswear-focused streetwear brand to enter the neighborhood. Tucked away from the crowds on a quiet corner on Greene street, but within range of many luxury heavy-hitters including Louis Vuitton, Chloé, and Polo Ralph Lauren, the location has personal significance for the founder. “When I moved to New York 10 years ago, this was the old Dior Men’s store, and I remember coming here,” says Oberg. “It’s quiet and less busy than a block over, but it feels really iconic.”

Photo: Jonathan Hokklo/ Courtesy of Sporty & Rich

Jonathan Hokklo

Sporty & Rich began in 2015 as an Instagram mood board for some of Oberg’s favorite things—Princess Diana, vintage watches, and Phoebe Philo’s Celine, among them—when Oberg was still a reporter for Complex. She quickly amassed thousands of followers and began to release small batches of merchandise, like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants that came in unexpected shades of pastels, soft greens, and preppy burgundies and blues. Today, Oberg’s offering goes beyond streetwear staples and includes jewelry, phone cases, workout sets, and even athletic gear like resistance bands. “I do consider Sporty & Rich streetwear, but I also consider it a lifestyle and wellness brand,” she says. “I’m trying to get out of the ‘streetwear’ lane because I feel it is very limiting—even Supreme’s business isn’t as strong as it once was because people are just shopping differently. The demand for logo-driven items is decreasing, so I want to expand and broaden the range.” Her business plan seems to be working; this year, Sporty & Rich was valued at $50 million.

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