Han Ji Min And Lee Min Ki’s Relationship Takes A Romantic Turn In “Behind Your Touch”

Han Ji Min And Lee Min Ki’s Relationship Takes A Romantic Turn In “Behind Your Touch”

Is romance finally blossoming on JTBC’s “Behind Your Touch”?

“Behind Your Touch” is a comedy-mystery drama set in Mujin, a small rural village free of crime. Han Ji Min stars as Bong Ye Bun, a busybody veterinarian who somehow winds up with the supernatural ability to see the pasts of other people and animals, while Lee Min Ki plays Moon Jang Yeol, an ambitious detective who needs her abilities to return to the criminal investigation team in Seoul.


On the previous episode of “Behind Your Touch,” Bong Ye Bun learned the shocking truth that Cha Ju Man (Lee Seung Joon) had been with her mother on the day she died. Later, she also found out about Kim Sun Woo (EXO’s Suho)’s own tragic link to Cha Ju Man.

Although he was a bit clumsy, Moon Jang Yeol did his best to sincerely comfort Bong Ye Bun—warming viewers’ hearts in addition to Bong Ye Bun’s.

In newly released stills from the drama’s next episode, Bong Ye Bun looks as though she is about to burst into tears while sitting by the water where her mother left. The warm gaze Moon Jang Yeol is sending her way suggests that things have changed between the duo, who once couldn’t seem to stop bickering for a single moment.

Later, when Moon Jang Yeol attempts to get up and leave, Bong Ye Bun stops him by holding onto his jacket—and Moon Jang Yeol can’t seem to hide his happiness at her change of heart as he sits back down to stay with her.

The producers of “Behind Your Touch” teased, “Bong Ye Bun and Moon Jang Yeol will grow one step closer to one another, as they have a special relationship where they understand one another’s feelings even without having to say anything. Please look forward to the change in the relationship between the two characters, whose bond has grown stronger amidst crisis.”

The next episode of “Behind Your Touch” will air on September 17 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Lee Min Ki in “Beauty Inside” on Viki below!

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