Govt urged to rethink goods vehicle tunnel toll plans

Govt urged to rethink goods vehicle tunnel toll plans

Transport and logistics industry representatives have petitioned the government over proposed toll changes for the three harbour crossings, urging it to reconsider the plan.

As part of proposals tabled to Legco on Wednesday, the administration suggests a uniform toll fee of HK$50 for all goods vehicles, which is higher than most of them currently pay to use the Cross-Harbour and Eastern Harbour tunnels.

Lawmaker Lam Chun-sing said the new charges would place a burden on the industry, especially self-employed drivers.

“I believe the target of the government’s toll adjustment plan is not to increase income, but to ease traffic congestion. There is no need for the government to increase the toll for the commercial vehicles to HK$50,” he said, adding that a HK$30 fee would be more appropriate.

Under the plans, from August 2 tolls for private cars will go up at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel and Eastern Harbour Crossing, from HK$20 and HK$25 respectively to HK$30. Tolls for private cars using the Western Harbour Crossing will be reduced by 20 percent, from HK$75 to HK$60.

Taxis will pay HK$25 per trip at all three tunnels.

By the end of the year, higher rates for private cars will be applied during the morning and evening peak hours in a bid to reduce congestion.

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