Farmer, Jackson earn EdTech Leadership certification

Farmer, Jackson earn EdTech Leadership certification

Two key players of Fayette County Public Schools’ Technology Services department earned TrustEd Apps Certified Leader (TACL) certification. Jim Farmer, Chief Technology Officer, and Matt Jackson, Coordinator of Digital & Media Services, joined the first cohort of 1EdTech’s TrustEd Apps Certified Leaders at the organization’s Learning Impact Conference.

Farmer and Jackson are among 27 leaders around the country in the first cohort to earn the TACL designation. To earn the honor, each completed five learning modules focused on data privacy and accessibility; curriculum innovation and strategies; designing the digital learning ecosystem; data insights for learner success; and learner achievement opportunities. Through the rigorous modules, certified leaders were able to develop a comprehensive strategy to implement a trusted, open, and innovative, best-in-class edtech ecosystem at their institutions.

“As certified TACL leaders, these educators worked with 1EdTech and each other to gain a high-level understanding of how open standards can be leveraged to impact instruction,” said Dr. Tim Clark, 1EdTech vice president of K-12 programs. “They are now more equipped to advocate for transformative digital learning experiences, develop digital ecosystems in their districts, and innovate new technologies to improve teaching and learning.”

1EdTech is a world-leading non-profit and edtech collaborative working toward an open, trusted and innovative edtech ecosystem that powers learner potential. Through collaborations and standards that work for all stakeholders, it creates solutions that enable transformative digital learning experiences, personalized learner journeys, boost achievement opportunities and improve learner success.

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