ESA 2024 To Shine a Brighter Light on Esports, BLAST, and Counter-Strike

ESA 2024 To Shine a Brighter Light on Esports, BLAST, and Counter-Strike

It’s no big secret that sponsorships rule the roost when it comes to the esports industry. In 2022, it was estimated that a whopping 55% of all esports revenue was centred around sponsorships and advertising, accounting for a monumental chunk of the industry. This year, at the European Sponsorship Association Awards, esports is being recognised more than ever before, with the likes of BLAST, Counter-Strike, Guild, Excel, and Virgin Media all being shortlisted for prestigious awards.

The ESA Awards is a showcase for marketing campaigns, sponsorship deals, and advertising efforts that truly stand out from the crowd across the entirety of Europe. In the words of the platform, it ‘has the broadest geographical scope and the widest focus across all parts of the European sponsorship space, from arts and culture to esports and gaming, and everything in between.’ The awards ceremony itself is due to take place in London on March 7, 2024.

Makes The World Go Around

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In research provided by Statista, it was revealed that in 2022, sponsorships accounted for more than $800 million in revenue in the esports industry. Behind that sat media rights, coming in and accounting for just over $200 million. It’s a staggering distance, and sponsorships have an enormous and tangible impact on the value of the industry as a whole. In recent years, some hugely prolific brands have made investments in the industry, sponsoring teams, organisations, and events through lucrative deals.

It’s a progressive market, and over time, it is being revealed that esports sponsorships can yield results similar to top-shelf sponsorships in traditional sports markets.

At ESA 2024, there’s plenty of attention on esports and gaming, with several key games, brands, and campaigns being highlighted in shortlists:

Event of the Year Paris Major 2023

Best Use of Digital Channels

BLAST Premier Fall Final 2022 x Netflix Nordic

Best Use of Measurement & Insight

EFG & Nielsen: Innovating Esports Sponsorship Valuation

Sponsorship With a Social Purpose (€250,000 – €999,999)

Sky Broadband & Guild Esports: #NoRoomForAbuse

And there’s an entire category dedicated to esports and gaming:

Esports & Gaming Sponsorship:

  • Excel Esports x JD Sports
  • Rainbows Over Scotland
  • Sky Broadband & Guild Esports
  • Sony INZONE Launch
  • ‘Unlock Your Universe’ with Lucozade x Starfield
  • V.Hive, the Ultimate Fan Experience
  • Virgin Media Gamepad – The UK’s Ultimate Gaming Destination

Well Deserved

These campaigns have broken down barriers and records alike, setting milestones and raising the bar for the competition. For instance, the Paris Major was the first Counter-Strike Major in history and brought 50,000 CS fans to Paris, while 1.5 million peak concurrent viewers tuned in online. Earlier in 2023, the Sky Broadband and Guild Esports sponsorship campaign saw the rampant abuse of marginalised gamers brought into the spotlight in a hard-hitting way.

Sony’s new INZONE peripherals proved to be a monumental success following a superb marketing campaign that fused influencers with transparent tech demos. With more than 1000 pieces of content being created, a reach of 2 billion was secured and Sony’s targets were met, exceeded, and demolished.

If you’d like to tune in to the ESA 2024 ceremony to see who wins these prestigious awards, you’ll need to wait until March 7, 2024.

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