Dragon Ball FighterZ Crosses 10 Million Units Sold

Dragon Ball FighterZ Crosses 10 Million Units Sold

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a landmark game for Dragon Ball, 2D fighters, and even general anime fighters. The title has had a lot of success, but even with DLC slowing down it’s still shipping units. Dragon Ball FighterZ has just crossed 10 million units sold worldwide! These landmark FighterZ sales figure puts it up as far and away the most successful Arc System Works fighter.

FighterZ Sales Crosses 10 Million Units Sold

FighterZ has been a huge title for competitive fighting games, but it’s also had a general appeal that’s helped it sell a lot more copies than most Arc System Works games. With a recognisable cast of characters and solid mechanics, it’s gone further than other titles. The game has just surpassed a new milestone recently. FighterZ sales figures have reached 10 million copies sold.

This is up quite a bit from the last sales figures ASW provided. By November 2021, they’d sold 8 million copies in total. That was in the three years since the game was released in September 2018. In the year and a half since the last update, another two million copies have been sold. Now that FighterZ crosses 10 million units, it does seem like it has slowed down a little bit.

that’s natural considering the game is past its DLC stages, and most fans are thinking about a FighterZ too rather than another expansion to this game. The sales of FighterZ are a key factor in what we can expect next from Arc System Works, so how do FighterZ sales figures crossing 10 million units compare to other titles?

FighterZ – Is it the Most Successful Arc System Works or Dragon Ball Game?

Every now and again a major fighter reports huge numbers, like the MultiVersus launch or Brawlhalla hitting 100 million players. However, for a paid game 10 million is pretty impressive. This is how FighterZ compares to Arc System’s other fighters.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Sales numbers

That’s huge. FighterZ has long been their most successful title. This adds more fuel to the FighterZ 2 speculation.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Sales numbers

Even for a Dragon Ball game, FighterZ is a huge hit. This is how it compares to the other titles from the popular franchise:

Since FighterZ is a more competitive and hardcore fighter, it’s a bit of a different situation to RPGs like Kakarot. Yet the FighterZ sales figures still surpass the more conventional titles! It seems the esports-level mechanics might be a reason for the game’s success, it’s easily outsold more casual fighters. Although, the upcoming Budokai Tenkaichi 4 might change that! Crossing this sales figure is still massive for the game though.

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