Donn Davis eyeing PFL vs. Bellator championship card for February: “Best card possible”

Donn Davis eyeing PFL vs. Bellator championship card for February: “Best card possible”

PFL executive Donn Davis is hoping to see his best face Bellator’s early next year.

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Earlier today, the Bellator-PFL sale was made official. Throughout much of this year, the two companies were in talks, especially after Showtime made the decision to drop combat sports. While already rumored, the announcement this fall made Donn Davis and others get this deal finalized.

As a part of the deal, PFL will run Bellator as a separate company. Furthermore, Scott Coker has already been invited to stay on board and help run the promotion. While they don’t have any immediate plans for a merger, Donn Davis does want to see some competition between the two brands.

In fact, Donn Davis would love to see PFL’s champions face Bellator’s titleholders. The executive discussed the news during a recent interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour. There, he stated that the championship card would be targeted for February. Due to the 2024 PFL season starting in April, there’s a limited window to make the card happen. However, they’re trying to make it happen.



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“Yes [we want to make that type of event], ideally we’d like to make it in the first quarter [of 2024].” Donn Davis stated to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour following the Bellator-PFL sale. “Because the season starts in April, and we’re going to try and launch the reimagined Bellator in March. So, we’d love to do that event in February if we could.”

He continued, “Now [that’s] barring the health of all of the fighters. We want that to be the best card possible, but we would love to do that in February if we could.”

What do you make of these comments from Donn Davis? Do you want to see the PFL vs. Bellator card in 2024?

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