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Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative




Hi Stella,


I am deeply troubled. I think I have used my own hands to cause problems for myself. It’s a long story but I’ll make it brief.

I got into a relationship in 2022 after almost 3 years of celibacy. Long story short, it didn’t last but it broke me. I was so sad and overwhelmed with pain that I was placed on medical leave for a month to recover. 

During this time, a “friend” that knew about all the disappointments(quite a number) advised that I spoke to her pastor in a white garment church. 

This babe has been trying to convince me for years to do something called “ibi ijoko” which means prayer for favor for a good and stable marriage and that will stop disappointments, but every time, I refused and said my faith is against it.

 Now, after this break up, I was at my lowest and she came again. I agreed to speak with the pastor and the women said I needed to do the prayers so that I could finally get married. 

I’m 36 years old and my elder sister is 38 and still single as well as my younger sister, who is 35. I was just fed up and gave this woman 100k to buy the chair and fan that she’d use for the prayers for the 3 days. She also did some “spiritual works” for one of my cousins that had been married for 2 years without kids.

 After that, I started to panick because I felt I had done something bad but convinced myself it was 419. So I just moved on and forgot about it and focused on life.

Now, I have gotten closer to an old friend from uni days that wants to get married and everything is going perfectly fine. 

This guy is every woman’s dream. He’s kind, fine, successful, hardworking, has the fear of God and extremely smart. I have told him I would not fornicate and if he couldn’t handle it, he should go as a way to make him leave because I don’t have it in me to take disappointments again. 

He grumbled but later accepted and we agreed there’d be no spending the night together to make things easier.

It’s been 7 months now and He officially proposed and bought me a ring and said to go to Nigeria to see my parents by Easter so we could get married but I am reluctant.

The problem here is I’m scared that whatever that pastor woman did is what is working. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hot, successful and well-behaved, fun to be with and all of that, the complete package so getting a man isn’t a problem for me at all but I’m so restless that this good guy might be with me because of what she did and not my qualities. 

My man has noticed it and keeps asking what’s wrong. I don’t want anything to do with what she did. I don’t care if it’s clean prayers, I don’t care if apostle Paul officiated the process himself, I don’t want it. 

I’m scared that I have tainted my life and now I’ll never be happy. Now, I’ll think there’s a spirit following me around that will be forcing this guy or any other guy around me stay with me and it’s spoiling my joy. I can’t comprehend the reason behind taking someone’s freewill and I will never do it. 

Please note that he didn’t just start liking me now. He’s always liked me from school days but I had a bf so he didn’t push and its possible he just rekindling what was there before but i can’t help feeling a certain way. Everytime I’m laughing and happy, I remember the “prayers” and start crying. 

Please, are my fears unfounded? Has anyone here ever done it? How can I break whatever was done? And my cousin, I’m terribly sad and scared of what I did out of love for her. What if I have complicated things for her? Should I tell her so we can pray together? I am not desperate to get married, never have, never will. I don’t know how this stupidity happened.

This is really serious oh, you need prayers to break whatever has been tied on your behalf and your cousin needs prayers too before she births a convenant child with what spirit was prayed to…………..

You definitely need prayers, however i dont think whatever was done is what brought that man to you, however i think you have used your money to pay for monitoring spirits to follow you around and hurt you even more….Anything that is not of God can never give you peace or happiness….

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