Chocolate Shipped Cookies Spreads Cheer with Christmas Sugar Cookie Delivery

Chocolate Shipped Cookies Spreads Cheer with Christmas Sugar Cookie Delivery

Utah-based cookie delivery shop announces Christmas sugar cookie packages for delivery anywhere in the U.S.

With Christmas around the corner, Chocolate Shipped Cookies has a lineup of special edition cookies, including their best-selling Christmas tree and star-shaped holiday sugar cookies topped with sprinkles. People order cookie gifts from Chocolate Shipped Cookies all year long, but demand peaks around the holiday.

“Most of us connect the holidays to yummy food and treats,” said Matt Cutler, bakery owner. “Having a holiday gathering without delicious desserts is a high crime in our book, and our fresh cookie delivery is the perfect, effortless dessert to satisfy everyone.”

Christmas is the most popular holiday in the U.S. with approximately 93% of Americans celebrating some version of Christmas each year. Cutler said that in addition to offering people a Christmas gift delivery option for loved ones far away, the cookies make a great corporate holiday gift.

“The holidays are stressful, and our mail-order cookies can check one task off the laundry list,” said Cutler. “The delivery aspect makes it easy, convenient and takes the pressure off.”

Christmas is a special time of year for Cutler as Chocolate Shipped Cookies continues his mother’s legacy of holiday baking. She began the cookie business in 1980, making holiday cookies to support her family. Cutler later decided to use his mom’s recipes and open Cutler’s Cookies, a local bakery that became a staple for Northern Utahns. From there, Cutler launched Chocolate Shipped Cookies to fill the demand from out-of-town consumers wanting to enjoy Cutler’s cookies. Now a national cookie delivery company, Chocolate Shipped Cookies is known for preserving freshness from the oven to the customer’s doorstep.

“We dedicated a lot of time to perfecting our delivery process,” said Cutler. “That was the one puzzle piece we knew would greatly enhance our cookie business, so we invested in a state-of-the-art oven, tailored our recipes and packaging, and achieved a result that outshines the competition.”

In addition to the most popular Christmas cookies, other popular cookies include Chocolate Shipped Cookies’ assortment of snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, white chocolate pecan, lemon meltaway and brownie mint. To learn more about Chocolate Shipped Cookies’ holiday cookie delivery service, visit

About Chocolate Shipped Cookies

Chocolate Shipped Cookies offers delicious cookies that are affordable. Their cookies are made with only the finest and freshest ingredients known to man and are baked fresh daily.

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