Chinese and Philippine ships crash in disputed sea

Chinese and Philippine ships crash in disputed sea

A boat from the Philippines and a ship from China crashed near a reef that both countries claim in the South China Sea. This is the latest disagreement over territory between the two nations.

The Philippines said China had been causing trouble by harassing, blocking, and doing dangerous moves.

The day after the Philippines said China used water cannons to stop three of its boats, this happened.

There is a disagreement over who owns the South China Sea between China, the Philippines, and other countries.

On Sunday, the Philippines said that China attacked Philippines‘ civilian supply boats at Second Thomas Shoal in the Spratly Islands. This area is a tense spot between the two countries.

A Chinese coast guard ship hit one of the two boats carrying supplies, according to the National Task Force for the West Philippine Sea.

It also said China caused “serious harm” to the engine of a boat by using water cannon.

However, the China Coast Guard claimed that the Philippine boat purposely crashed into the Chinese vessel after ignoring several warnings from us.

The Philippines said China used war cannons to block three of its ships on Saturday. They called it illegal and aggressive. Beijing said it had taken action to control ships that entered its waters without permission.

This week, the Philippines said that China sent a lot of military boats to a reef near its coast in the South China Sea.

Disagreements between the two countries have gotten worse since Ferdinand Marcos Jr became the president of the Philippines last year.

Last month, the Philippines did two patrols in the air and sea with the US and then with Australia a few days later.

In 2016, a court said China’s claim to most of the South China Sea is not valid. But China doesn’t accept this decision and has been making new islands in the area where other countries also claim land.

The disputed sea is causing tension between China and the US. In October, President Joe Biden said the US will protect the Philippines if there is an attack.

President Biden spoke about the Filipino and Chinese ships crashing into each other a few days after it happened.

Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei say they own some of the sea.

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