Blessing CEO Reveals Why Nigerian Men Cheat

Blessing CEO Reveals Why Nigerian Men Cheat

Controversial self-acclaimed relationship expert, Blessing CEO has argued that men in Nigeria cheat because of their ego and the lawlessness in the country.

“Snatch Another Woman’s Man If She Doesn’t Know How To Take Care Of Him” – Blessing CEO [Video]

She stated this while speaking on the topic: ‘Husband-Snatching: Reality or Myth’ on Arise TV’s ‘Perspectives’ when she was hosted on the show by Ruth Osime and life coach Enahoro Okhae on Sunday.

According to her, men also cheat because of the many distractions they experience in their marriage.

She noted that most men cheat out of ego and because the country does not have laws against infidelity in marriages.

“A lot of men cheat for ego, for fun. Not because they don’t love their wife or their wives are not curvy, it’s just lawless in the country that gives them the confidence to cheat,” she said.

Blessing CEO continued: “The fact is, if the law states that men who cheat will be jailed for 20 years, you’ll see that men can be faithful.”

Her comment comes one week after she claimed that there was nothing wrong if a lady snatches a married man from his wife.

Meanwhile, Kanyi Daily reported that the relationship expert recently highlighted the significant roles “side chicks” play in preventing marriages from falling apart.


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