Bianca Belair Wins & Loses WWE Women’s Title at SummerSlam 2023!

Bianca Belair Wins & Loses WWE Women’s Title at SummerSlam 2023!

The triple threat match between Asuka, Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair has been one of the most anticipated matches of the WWE SummerSlam 2023. The three ladies were competing for the title of the WWE Women’s Championship.

Asuka, Charlotte and Bianca had been in each other throats for months, each claiming to be the best in the business. While Asuka tried hard to retain her title, luck did not work in her favor this time. So, we now have a new WWE Women’s Champion.

Bianca Belair won the triple threat match between Asuka, Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair at WWE SummerSlam 2023. However, her victory was short-lived as Iyo Sky cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase on her and became the new WWE Women’s Champion.

1. The Triple Threat B/W Asuka, Charlotte & Bianca

The triple threat match saw three women, Asuka, Charlotte and Bianca, competing for the title of the new WWE Women’s Champion. All three women gave their best to prove themselves as the top star of the women’s division, but only one could walk away with the WWE Women’s Championship.

Bianca Belair Wins Triple Threat at WWE Women’s Championship
Asuka, Charlotte and Bianca | Source: WWE

The match begins as they all try to pin each other with various moves, but none of them can secure the victory. They also miss some of their signature kicks and boots, giving their opponents a chance to counter. Bianca shows her athleticism by diving onto both Asuka and Charlotte outside the ring, but Asuka recovers quickly and hits Bianca with a boot and a kick in the ring. The match continues with high intensity and suspense.

Asuka, Bianca, and Charlotte trade punches, kicks, suplexes, and near falls in a heated match. Asuka shows her striking skills, but Charlotte counters with her power and agility.

Bianca displays her strength and resilience, but Asuka and Charlotte team up to take her down. Charlotte tries to pin both women with Natural Selection, but they kick out. At this point, the match is still anyone’s game.

They hit each other with elbows, kicks, forearms, clotheslines, and codebreakers. They also perform impressive moves from the turnbuckles, such as moonsaults, DDTs, and shoteis. They all try to pin or submit each other, but none of them can get the three count or the tap out. The match is still going on with no clear winner.

The game finally takes a turn when Asuka delivers a superplex to Flair, while Bianca is taken to the back due to her knee injury. Flair and Asuka trade blows, with Asuka using a back fist and a back heel kick. Flair counters with a spear, but fails to get the pin.

Flair locks in a bridging figure four on Asuka, but Bianca returns to the ring and hits a 450 splash on Flair, breaking the hold. Bianca and Flair exchange forearms, and Bianca tries to hit the KOD, but Flair escapes.

Flair sends Asuka to the floor, and then rolls up Bianca, applying the figure four again. Asuka sprays mist into Flair’s face, and Bianca takes advantage with an inside cradle, pinning Flair and winning the match

2. Who won the WWE Women’s Championship?

Shortly after Bianca’s victory, Iyo Sky cashed in on her Money in the Bank contract and defeated Bianca Belaire to become the next WWE Women’s Champion.,

Belair has been gradually turning heel after being a popular champion for a long time. Her resentment began when Flair received a title opportunity upon her comeback, while Belair had to wait for her rematch against Asuka.

Bianca Belair Wins Triple Threat at WWE Women’s Championship
Iyo Sky | Source: WWE

Belair’s title win on Saturday was a way to show her growing bitterness. However, she was attacked by Damage CTRL’s Bayley and Iyo Sky right after she won the WWE women’s title with a courageous performance.

Sky used her Money in the Bank contract, defeated Belair with a moonsault and became the new champion. Sky has a lot of potential as a champion and the fans have embraced her.

WWE can develop Belair’s villainous character while slowly transforming Sky into a hero. This could also lead to a compelling rivalry between Sky and Bayley in the future.

3. What Iyo’s Win Means for Bianca

Iyo Sky’s win at SummerSlam 2023 means that Bianca Belair has lost the WWE Women’s Championship that she had just regained from Asuka and Charlotte Flair.

It also means that Bianca’s frustration and bitterness will likely grow, as she has been treated unfairly by the WWE management and her opponents. Bianca may turn heel as a result of this injustice, and seek revenge on Iyo Sky, Bayley, and anyone who stands in her way.

Bianca Belair Wins Triple Threat at WWE Women’s Championship
Bianca | Source: WWE

Bianca may also challenge Iyo Sky for a rematch, or enter a feud with another Damage CTRL member, such as Dakota Kai. Bianca’s loss also means that Iyo Sky has become the new WWE Women’s Champion, and the fans have embraced her as a rising star.

Iyo Sky may face new challengers for her title, such as Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, or Asuka. Iyo Sky’s win also means that Damage CTRL has gained more power and influence in the WWE Women’s Division, and they may target other female wrestlers who oppose them.

4. About WWE

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