Betsy Obaseki, Maria Oisamoje, Victoria Amu, Clement Agba, and Others Attend the ENAW Convention In New Jersey

Betsy Obaseki, Maria Oisamoje, Victoria Amu, Clement Agba, and Others Attend the ENAW Convention In New Jersey

1. The Oba is Benin is a monarch in the true sense of the word. The power and position of the Oba is independent of any external body and subject only to God Almighty. His authority and position is practically inextricably rooted in the very existence of Edo and Edo people. In the peoples’ worldview ‘Oba oyaen Edo, Edo oyaen Oba, meaning Edo belongs to the Oba and conversely, Oba belongs to Edo!

2. The Oba is to every Edo person only second to God the creator, and that is why he is the Head of the two hundred and one gods, shrines and cults, as well as the National Church – Holy Arousa, in the kingdom. The institution of the Oba and the everyday life of the people are inseparable; a man is called ‘Okpioba’ and a woman is called ‘Okhuoba’. Nothing close to this elsewhere!

3. Political administrative powers may have been taken away by the modern government but the Oba remains the authentic custodian of the cultural identity or the humanity of Edo people. The traditional laws, indigenous religious powers, Land administration, Power over Enigies / Odionweres are in the hands of the Oba permanently. The Enogie as the name implies means, one that have been sent on an errand. He is the equivalent of an administrative ambassador to a community and not by any stretch of imagination an independent ruler!

4. The Oba is chosen by birth in line with the principle of primogeniture and goes through rigorous and tedious coronation rites that prepares him administratively and spiritually for the throne of his fathers. There are no roles for corrupt and snollygoster, birds of passage political adventurists.

5. The symbolic staff of office received from government coffers recognition on a fait accompli and only entitles the Oba to government financial allocation from the resources of his kingdom. The entire process of choice, rites and procedures leading to the exalted Royal throne takes place strictly according to the age long tradition of the people without any input from any uninitiated entity. This is peculiar to the Oba of Benin alone in Nigeria!

6. The Oba of Benin alone can survive without government support if the Palace invokes powers over the wealth of the kingdom starting from all ‘Okpioba’ in all communities in the kingdom. The kingdom is obligated to make provisions for the kingdom’s palace with the same zeal and commitment with which they make provisions for their own livelihood!

7. Attacks of any form on the INSTITUTION and THRONE of the Oba is an attack on the ancestors of Edo kingdom, it is an attack on ‘Ihen N’ Uri’, it is an attack on the humanity and the very essence of every single Okpioba and Okhuoba born and bathed with Edo red sand. It is abominable and consequential !

Let the ignorant, social climbers and enablers of those walking on the pantomimic primrose path heed wise counsel!

– Aiyevbekpen John Osakue

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